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My name is Seema. I am a mother of two lovely kids and I belong to a middle class family. I had a job of a web designer until I was married. After marriage, I am a housewife and I work for my web designing for 2-3 hours from home itself.

My weight is a bit more, ohh sorry; it is not a bit more but a lot more. According to my height, my weight should be 55 kgs but my weight is….90 kgs. Yeah, this is such a huge number that I feel ashamed to tell it to anyone 🙁 🙁 But how did it increase to this level, you can see it here.


This year in 2016, I want to decrease my weight/obesity. I have set my target as 60 kgs, it means, I need to reduce 30 kgs. Yes, this is a huge target but I will try my best. I am like the every second fat person, who always wishes to get slim but never urges to do anything for it. I have tried many times, but I have never continued it for more than 2-3 weeks.

But this time I have decided that I will try my best and for that, I have started writing this blog. So that, I can have a pressure inside that I have to come up here and update it. I have felt at many places that this has an effect on me. And if I am able to lose weight then I can find out here about what works and what not. A way can be found out, which can maybe help out those who are worried about their obesity and wish to reduce their weight, but are unable to find the right direction. But this still has a long way; the party has just begun. 😀




January 2016 – The Beginning of My Weight Loss Program

4 January – 8 February
My weight – 90 kgs

Seema weight 90 Kilo January 2016

What did I do – The first thing I did was to start walking for 20 minutes in the morning, for 6 days a week, which I followed entirely from 4 January to 8 February.

What was the result – 0, my weight did not reduce even a bit but I feel a bit light now and now I can easily do the things which I found difficult to do earlier. Probably the morning walk has made by body a bit flexible.

What else was done in January, see it elaborately here.



February 2016 – No Change in Weight

8 February – 28 February
Weight – 90 kgs

What did I do – This time along with walking, I also started doing pranayama  kapaalbhaati and anulom-vilom for 10-15 minutes.

What was the result – 0, my weight did not reduce even a bit. I read at many places and got to know that, 20 minutes of morning walk can improve your health but does not reduce weight. I am able to understand that this is not enough. That is why I started researching more about reducing weight.

What else was done in February, see it elaborately here.



March 2016 – Children’s examinations and research

1 March – 18 March
My weight – 90 kgs

What did I do – The first 15 days of march passed in the children’s examinations, due to which only slight exercise could be done. But this time I read a lot of articles related to obesity.

What was the result – Weight stayed the same, 90 kgs, no change. But I read many articles and got to know that reducing weight depends upon 70% diet, 20% exercise and 10% lifestyle. Ohh, this is a very important point; I need to think about my diet.

What else was done in March, see it elaborately here.



April 2016, What I have been doing wrong, and which is the right way for weight loss

19 March – 4 April
My weight – 90 kgs

What did I do – I am doing a 20 minutes’ walk, 15 minutes pranayama. I have left tea, and I used to eat 6 chapattis in a day, which is reduced and made it to 4 chapattis.

What was the result – No reduction in my weight L. But after reading more and more articles, I came to know that dieting does not mean to eat less, but to eat nutritious, which does not increase weight but reduces it. It means that now one diet plan has to be prepared and I did just that.

Prepared a diet plan – I prepared a diet plan of my own to get slim and made some changes in the exercises too.

You must read the article for March, I have written everything in it, the way I found the right direction.



22 April 2016 – Finally one kg of weight is reduced – for the first time – Wowwww

4 April – 22 April
My weight– 89 kgs

What did I do – I followed my diet chart and exercise schedule. I quit eating sweets, or that every food item which is made up of white sugar, I quit eating that.

What was the result – I reduced one kg of weight. Wow, Finally, I can feel that I have found the way. The changes made in the diet plan and exercises are coming in use. Today I am really happy. Today I feel like dancing in happiness.

What else was done in April, see it elaborately here.

Nothing taste better than losing weight



10 May – Wow, I lost 2 more kgs – My diet is working

23 April – 10 May
My weight – 87 kgs

What did I do – I followed my diet chart and exercise schedule.

What was the result – I reduced 2 kgs in the last 15 days and if we look at the last 30 days, then I reduced 3 kgs. All that is because of this diet plan and exercise schedule.

Read here elaborately about it here.



25 May 2016 – 1 more kg is reduced and now my weight is 86 kgs 😀

10 May – 25 May
My weight – 86 kgs

What did I do – I followed my diet chart and exercise schedule, but not entirely. There were guests in the house since the last 10 days, so many things are left. I have made some other changes, like now I eat food while chewing more and more. And I try to know more and more about calories. Also, I have learnt a new method about coriander juice to reduce obesity.

What was the result – 1 kg was lost in the last 15 days.

What else was done in May, see it elaborately here.



31 May 2016 – 1 more kg is reduced and now my weight is 85 kgs 🙂

25 May – 31 May
My weight – 85 kgs

Total weight lost till now – 5 kgs

What did I do – I have made some more changes in my diet, like I have added one weight loss drink in it. You can see the new diet here.

What was the result – I have reduced 1 more kg. Changes made in the diet were beneficial. Now I eat something healthy every now and then, which always gives energy. Honestly speaking, now I do not really feel hungry at all.

You can read more elaborately here.



15 June 2016 – No change in weight (12- day trip)

31 May – 15 June
My weight– 85 kgs

What did I do – I was on a 12- day trip. Neither did I follow the diet plan, nor did I exercise. I travelled a lot and I ate outside with all the unhealthy food. But I took care of one thing, that I should not eat more. I ate everything, spicy, tangy, oily,  pizza, burger, but I ate everything in small amounts.
What was the result – There was no change in my weight, it did not decrease or increase. I was afraid, what if eating so much of outside food increases my weight, but thank god that did not happen.
To know more about these 15 days, see elaborately here.



15 July 2016 – 1.5 kgs of weight reduced with a lot of difficulty

15 June – 15 July
My weight – 83.5 kgs

What did I do – Made some more changes in diet, you can see it here. I also kept a continuation with the exercise schedule.

Seema 83-5kg July 2016
What was the result – There were no changes in the weight for the first 25 days. Then 1.5 kgs of weight was reduced in the last 5 days. The reason for this is weight loss plateau, in which obesity reduces but weight does not. To know about it elaborately, read it here.



August September Update – 3 Kilo Weight Loss

Seema Sep 16 80 Kilo
15 July– 15 September
My weight – 80 kilo

What did I do –  I followed almost same diet plan from 15 July to 15 September.
But in these 2 months, I researched quite a lot about calories in Indian food and also prepared its list. And I also prepared a list of those food items which increase our metabolism. Only 3 kgs are reduced in the past 2 months, so according to my research, I have prepared a better diet plan for bit faster weight loss and I have been following it since the last 15 days. Let us see how much effect it has in the next one month.

What was the result – In the last 2 months, 3 kgs were reduced. I also found out from the research that the reason behind losing my body weight slowly and steadily is my hard fat, which is getting soft slowly, meaning that my weight and size has no noticeable changes but my fat has turned soft, which has a chance of burning fat at a faster pace.
You can see the information regarding hard/soft fat, my new diet, which Indian food contains how many calories and which Indian food increases metabolism here on my Detailed Aug-Sep Update.



October – Happy Diwali – Yaaahoooo Lost 4 kgs, Now my weight is 76 kilo


Seema 76 kilo 2 nov

15 September– 31 October
My weight – 76 kilo

What did I do –  Happy Diwali, my Diwali was spent well but instead of eating special food during this diwali, I followed my diet itself. And it had a lot of benefits. In the past 1.5 months, I made a lot of small changes in my diet such as, firstly I cut down my old diet to half and I started consuming cinnamon and ginger tea instead of cumin and carom seeds tea (jeera ajwain tea). I increased the calorie intake in my dinner and started drinking water mixed with coconut oil. I made some other small changes too, which were beneficial.You can see the information in elaboration here.

What was the result – In the past 1.5 months, I lost 4 kgs. Yes, you read it right, 4 kgs. Isn’t it amazing?! In the earlier months (15 Sept- 15 Oct), I lost around 1- 2 kgs only, but after making the changes in the diet, I lost 2- 3 kgs in the last 15 days. And I also lost some inches. Now the depression which I felt due to slow weight loss was lessened, and I have started feeling a new energy within me.
You can view detailed information about what i did in Oct here at October update.


NOTE – I have completed almost half of the journey till my target. My aim was to lose 30 kgs, in which I have lost 14 kgs till now. Now I need to lose 16 more kgs. The goal is still far away, but I feel that, now I know how to walk through this journey.


Half Way Done



3 kgs Lost during Nov- Dec, But With a Lot of Difficulties

seema 73 kilo 31 jan1 November– 31 December
My weight – 73 kilo

Today is the last day of the year. At the beginning of the year, I had thought that I would be able to reduce 30 kgs till December, but I managed to lose only 17 kgs in total which is more than half of the estimation. But that’s good, I am happy that I have reduced this much 

What did I do – The past 2 months were horrible. The beginning of November went well, when I had followed the same diet as of October. But then things worsened, one after the other, due to which I was not able to follow my diet and exercise regime regularly. After the 15th of November, I had to attend three weddings of my close relatives which included almost 10 days of parties. After that, my sister visited Jaipur along with her family. But the worst part was when I suffered from chikanguniya, due to which I had to rest on the bed for 10 days straight. You could assume my condition after these subsequent incidences. But I started following my diet and exercise again after December 15.

I made some changes in the diet during these 2 months as well. For instance, drinking only warm water helped me a lot in these 2 months. According to many experts, drinking warm water can help in weight loss, and I could feel the difference.

All the information regarding these 2 months and the changes made in the diet plan can be seen here: November December 16 Full Update.

What was the result – I reduced 1 kg at the beginning of November but I gained the lost 1 kg again till the end of the month. And after there was no change in my weight after that till 15th December. Somehow I was bit benefitted from chikanguniya. As I was majorly on a liquid diet during that 10 days phase due to which I did not gain any weight neither did I lose any. But I was able to lose 3 kgs in the last 15 days. So I lost a total of 3 kgs in these 2 months.

It is a bit difficult to explain about these 2 months in detail. To know about the fully explained journey of the months November- December 16 Full Update, visit here.


January- February 2017 (Depression), Gaining Weight and Losing it Thereafter

A very happy new year 🙂  As the new year unfolds, I wish that all your wishes come true. Wish you a very happy new year!

76 kilo - 30 Jan 17 Seema Joshi

1 January– 28 February
My weight – 73 kilo

In these last 10 months, the months of January and February of 2017 were the worst. There were some difficulties in the months of November- December 2016 as well but I was able to lose some weight at that time. But due to the consecutive difficulties which I had been facing continuously, I lost weight at a very slow pace, and due to this I went into depression. I had faced this situation once in the past but this time it has risen. And due to this, instead of losing weight, I gained some kilos in the month of January. My weight went up to be 76 kgs again till the end of January. You might imagine my feeling at that moment. I was feeling as if I am about to drown in the middle of the ocean.

My husband took on a trip to help me cope up with the depression, through which I felt a lot more energetic and hopeful again. And I began with my diet again in February. I made some changes in it as well. I included basic weight training along with cardio in my exercise regime which benefited a lot and by the end of February, my weight bounced back to 73 kgs. I took a sigh of relief at that time.

I put on some weight and reduced it as well in these 2 months. To know more about how I gained weight, how did I reduce it, the changes made in my diet plan and exercise regime, visit January and February 2017 Full update here.


March – I reduced 3 kgs within only 12 days, oh I am so happy 🙂 …

70-kilo on 12 March 2017- Seema Joshi1st – 12th March 2017
My weight – 70 kilo

I am feeling enthusiastic again after a long time. I lost 3 kgs in the last 12 days. I followed the same diet as February but I made a few changes to it, which is necessary from time to time. The most effective parameters were cardio and basic weight training. I am feeling a bit of strain in my body. I have lost 20 kgs up till now and I have completed around 66% of my goal. You can see the happiness on my face.

You can see the detailed diet plan of March, the changes made in it and the exercise regime, March Full Update here.








Lot more to go – I will keep you updated….