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Today is 4th January 2016 and I weigh 90 kgs. I have started walking from today. I complete 5 rounds of my park which is approximately 2 kms. I have thought of walking 6 days a week until a month. Walking everyday is the target for this month.

Today is 8th February 2016 and I have completed a month of walking. I am really happy that I was regular because this has never happened. I weighed myself today and it still is 90 kgs. I am really disappointed. There is no change in my weight despite of regular walking for a whole month. But I feel light inside; earlier, the things which I found difficult to do, are kind of easy now.

My husband told me that walking would make no difference in weight loss. it will only improve your health, so instead I should try running. I did a Google search and found out that he is  right about it. But I could not run. I felt uneasy and uncomfortable to run in front of others and also, my knee ache had increased. I am unable to increase speed and distance due to this.

Walking for a month gave me a type of confidence and so I decided to include some types of exercises and pranayam in my routine. But it wasn’t possible in the morning because my kids went to school at that time so I decided to do it in the evening.

I have done some exercises and pranayam previously so I have a basic idea about doing them correctly. I have decided to do the following:



KapalBhati – 10 to 15 minutes


Anulom Vilom– 6 to 10 minutes


I’ll follow these for 3 weeks and then measure my weight…