March-April update- lost 2 kgs in last 1.5 Month

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From 13th Mar-25 April

My present weight – 68 kgs
Total weight lost till now – 22 kgs
Weight lost in the last 1.5 months (approx.) – 2 kgs

Seema April17 68kg

Today is 25th April and my weight has reached 68 kgs now. I have lost 2 kgs in approximately the last 1.5 months. Prior to this, at the beginning of March itself, I had lost 3 kgs in 12 days only. Well, this graph works in this manner itself, it increases and decreases at times.

Along with weight loss, I also experienced inch loss this time. I was hoping to lose some more weight but it works in this manner itself, you lose weight at one point and you lose a size (fat) at the other point. And this is why I didn’t experience any skin loosening in any area of my body. This problem is faced by those who lose weight but their skin doesn’t tighten quickly. And if this problem occurs, it can be difficult because the easiest solution to it is surgery. However, this problem differs from body to body. But if you decide to lose weight slowly but steadily, your body takes proper time to change and this problem does not occur.

Along with it, you will have to add a proper amount of water in your diet to avoid this problem. Water helps in increasing the elasticity of skin, after which when we lose fat, our skin gets tight simultaneously. It works like elastic, when you pull and release, it retains the same form again. It does not loosen, and in the same manner, our skin does not loosen too.
Apart from this, we should also add exercises in our schedule. Exercising helps in turning our fat into muscles, this does not help in a major weight loss but changes the size of our body. This is because muscles take less space than fat and you do not see a major difference on the scale but we look slimmer.

Wow, I have lost a dress size!

I will tell you one more interesting thing. A few days ago, I went shopping and bought myself some suits. You will not believe it, but now I easily fit into Medium size kurtis, and Small size in some brands. Earlier, I used to fit into XL and XXL only. Isn’t it wonderful? I am so happy about it. This has other advantages too, such as you get only limited choices in XL and XXL, and you do not get to buy the dresses of your choice. But Small/ Medium sizes have no such trouble.

The suit which I have worn in the picture above is a Small size. 😀

You must be thinking that how it is possible to fit into a Small size with 68 kgs. I think, This can be due to 2 reasons.

  1. The weight loss procedure works in the manner that you lose upper body fat first and then lower body fat. I am also facing weight loss in the same manner. I have lost a great deal of upper body weight as compared to my lower body weight, which hasn’t reduced much.
  2. My body structure is a bit tiny and my body shape at this point is pear- shaped. However, the right body shape would be known when I go beyond 55 kgs.


Female Body Types

This time I am satisfied that I am looking thin but somewhere I am a bit disappointed that I lost only 2 kgs. But I had assumed this at the beginning that this journey would require a lot of patience. Nothing works in the manner of what we have thought or what we have presumed.

Our body takes its time to get into proper shape in a healthy manner and that is why we should lose weight slowly but steadily.

Diet following from 2 months

I made some slight changes in my diet, but it is almost similar to the previous one.

Morning Meals

6.00 am – 1 glass warm water + soaked cumin powder
6.30 am – 4 pieces amla candy
7.00 am – ½ cup Normal tea + 2 digestive biscuits
7.30 am – Cinnamon- ginger tea- Boil cinnamon and ginger in water and filter them. Add them to warm water with half lemon and black salt (175 ml).
8.30 am – Cucumber juice

10.00 am – Sprouts salad (I took different sprouts every day, approx 20- 25 grams soaked + 25 grams (tomatoes + onions + green chilies, coriander leaves, a bit of curry leaves)

Day’s Meals

1.00 pm – Oats (40 grams cooked) + curd 50 grams.
2.00 pm – Vegetable salad (30 grams tomatoes + 20- 25 grams cucumber + carrots 20- 25 grams)
3.00 pm – ½ chapatti + a small amount of cooked vegetables (this ½ chapatti should be consumed only when you feel like it, not every day).
5.30 pm – Green tea (175 ml)


7.30 pm – 1 glass lemon water with black salt
9.00 pm – ½ Roti + cooked vegetables
9.30 pm – Cucumber juice


I changed My Workouts in These 2 Months, I targeted more on arms, thighs and hips, where i have maximum fat right now, these exercises are really good, after doing these, i feel something is happening in targeted areas.

Arm Workouts ( 12 Minutes)


Abs Exercises For Flat Stomach ( 7 Minutes)


Thigh Exercises For Losing Fat ( 12 Min)


Also i try to do the Cardio 1-2 times a week, still do max 25 Minutes of this 37 Minute Video.

Important news – A Weight Loss Channel on YouTube 🙂

I am commencing a channel on YouTube, on which I would be sharing my first video soon. My aim is to share my experience with as many people as I can, through which they do not need to research more and they can get the right direction through which someone has lost weight earlier.

I will be making different videos on different topics such as MY diet, exercise, Weight Loss Foods, tips and many more. But my first video would be a complete one in which I will talk about losing weight in a healthy and right manner. Such as,

  • What are the problems faced during weight loss.
  • Why aren’t we able to lose weight.
  • What is the reason we gain weight.
  • What are the factors on which weight loss is dependent
  • Which are the other right ways through which we can lose weight.
  • What all to eat, how much to eat and how many times to eat.
  • And much more

I would be giving some brief information about these topics in my first video but soon I would be sharing different and detailed information in each video.
I am also a bit nervous; would I be able to do it? What If people make fun of me? Because there is a huge difference between writing and speaking. But I still want to try it out; I hope that I can get some support from you guys 🙂

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

  • Femithasaif
    Posted at 01:51h, 12 June Reply

    I’m very happy for you seema. Will wait for your new channel.keep doing the great work. ..helping lots of people. .
    God bless you.

    • SeeMe
      Posted at 14:06h, 12 June Reply

      Thanks for your kind words Femitha, They always boost me.
      Between The Channel is Live Now, you can view first Video here ( But its in Hindi…)

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