How much time does it take to lose weight? My Personal Experience

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In this video, we are going to talk about how much time it takes to lose weight and what factors does it depend on.

Hello friends, I am Seema and I have lost 28 kgs of weight in a 100% natural and healthy way. I am sharing my weight loss experience with you guys through these videos.

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So let us talk about that question which people ask me frequently, or we can say that almost everyone asks it, how much time will it take to lose weight?

And we all know that it depends from body to body. It cannot have one particular answer. Still, I will share something with you on the basis of my experience.

I took 1.5 years of time to lose 28 kgs, You can view my Complete Journey here. And most of the people whom I helped to lose weight took around 6 months to lose 14-18 kgs.

So why did I take such a long time? Because I was not aware of exactly what to do and what not to lose weight. I learned this slowly and steadily after doing constant research.

The meaning is, if you incorporate the right way from the beginning and follow it regularly then you can lose 18 kgs or more within 6 months itself.

By the way, this is not any set number. It is just an idea from an experience. I am guiding people to lose weight since one year now. Here, I am talking about just my experience. I am not a doctor or an expert. J

But there a number of other factors on which weight loss depends.

The first thing is your age. I have felt that young people, that is people below 25 years of age can lose weight easily.

Secondly, if you have gained weight only in the last 1-2 years then you can shed it off easily, such as pregnancy weight can be lost quickly. But if you are overweight since a long time then it can be a bit difficult.

Apart from this, it depends on at what scale you can change your lifestyle, how much stress you have, your metabolic rate, if you have any disease, and how your body responds. Weight loss depends on a number of other factors as well.

According to me, your weight loss is 99% possible, and if you follow a proper diet and stay active regularly then you can lose 2-3 kgs every month.

I hope you got a rough idea through this. My suggestion is, instead of searching for some miracle drink or food, focus on your overall diet.

If you have lost weight too, do share your experience in the comments below.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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