Top 10 Weight Loss Foods for Successful diet

Today, we are going to talk about, which are the best weight loss food items in India and how do they help in our weight loss?

Hello friends, I am Seema and I have lost 28 kgs and still losing more. And I share my experience through these Articles and videos.

Weight loss food items are those which are not only low in calories and nutritious but also help in weight loss in a healthy manner, and they burn our fat directly or indirectly.

1. Sprouts

The number one food item on this list is sprouts – such as moong sprouts or chana sprouts. These are perfect for a low calorie diet. Around 100 grams of moong sprouts contain only 30 calories. These are highly nutritious with high content of protein and are almost fat free. These also have good fiber content along with keeping your digestive system healthy. It keeps you light and satisfied. You can eat sprouts in the form of salad.


Cucumber is also a low calorie food because it has 95% water content. It detoxifies your body and reduces bloating. If you eat cucumber and tomato salad before having your meal then you can consume fewer calories. You can find cucumber easily in India. Along with its salad, you can also drink its juice. It also helps a lot in weight loss.

you can view more benefits and ways to eat cucumber here.

3. Orange

One medium sized orange contains 60 calories and it has 85% water content. It also detoxifies your body and its high fiber content keep you feeling full, which does not make you hungry. Also, according to some studies, high Vitamin C food helps in fat burning, especially during exercise.

But do not drink orange juice. Fruit juices are high in calories and low in nutrition. So eat only fruits during weight loss.

Eat Orange Avoid Juice

4. Phool Makhana

Which is also known as lotus seeds or fox nuts. These are similar to popcorn and are a light and crunchy snack option. People who are trying to lose weight especially face a problem of such kinds of food, which they can carry along with them. These do not go bad, are crunchy, and you can add spices in them such as black salt and pepper, etc. to make them tasty and to increase its fat burning properties.

A lot of companies give the option of ready made flavored makhana, but they also have a lot of preservatives, so make them at home and add flavors according to your taste. It will make them tasty and guilt free.

5. Oats

Oats is a type of grain such as wheat. You all might have definitely heard about it. It falls in the most nutritious breakfast nowadays. Along with high fiber content, it has beta glucan components which reduces fat storage and increases metabolism.

But most of us use instant oats or masala oats. But according to me, you should use steel cut oats because they are the least processed amongst all. You can add masalas according to your taste in it to prepare it similar to tasty masala oats.

You can know more about best type and brand of oats here.

6. Bottle Gourd (Lauki)

Bottle gourd or lauki increases the good kind of bacteria in our digestive system, which makes our digestion better and we burn more fat.

There are only 14 calories in 100 grams of bottle gourd.

Other than this, it has similar properties to cucumber. It contains 95% water and along with high fiber content, it is almost fat free and it also detoxifies the body.

You can prepare bottle gourd sabzi, raita and also lauki juice, which helps a lot in weight loss. You can view more Lauki Indian food options here.

Lauki Food options

7. Lentils and beans

Such as rajma, chole, tuar dal, urad dal, etc. We have talked about low calorie and high fiber food till now. But dal or lentils are comparatively high caloric and high protein food. Along with body development, protein is essential for weight loss as well. It increases our muscles which burns fat.

And we all know that when we lose weight, we also lose muscles along with fat, which required protein to recover.

Apart from this, a study says that if you follow a high protein diet then your food cravings reduce by 60%, which means that you consume fewer calories overall. So add different kinds of dal or beans in your diet daily.

8. Multi grain weight loss roti

Even if we study a number of weight loss food items, leaving roti is nearly impossible for us. We have better options than roti for weight loss, so many of us leave eating roti to increase our weight loss process, or we consume less rotis.

But the other option in roti is MULTIGRAIN ROTI. In this weight loss roti, jawar, besan and ragi flour are mixed. It is quite nutritious and helps a lot in weight loss.

So in this way there is no need to leave eating rotis, because roti sabzi is one perfect food or meal for some of us.

9. Weight loss Seeds

Such as flax seeds, chia seeds. When you are thinking about weight loss then you would require nutritious food items similar to these, which would help in burning fat. Along with it, it keeps you feeling full so you can consume calories according to your diet. Also, these seeds help in keeping your stomach clean and healthy, which can help in more weight loss.

10. Coconut Oil

It is false that we should eat only fat free food items for weight loss. As much protein and carbs are required by our body, it requires a similar amount of fat as well. But here we are talking about healthy fats, and coconut oil is a healthy fat option. And it helps in increasing metabolism, we feel less hungry and the most important point is that it helps in reducing abdominal fat, which helps in reducing our waist size. Apart from this, olive oil is also good for weight loss.

Apart from this, there are some other food and drinks which help a lot in your weight loss such as barley, almonds, apple, pineapple, papaya, green tea, peas, amla and many others.

But these food items will only help if you follow a proper diet, and you will need to decide your daily caloric intake according to your requirement and add these food items to it.

At times, you will stay healthy after eating some of these food items but for weight loss, you will have to follow a proper diet. Well, the link for the diet which I followed to reduce 28 kgs is given below, you can view it too.

And if you want any guidance related to weight loss then contact me, the link for which is given below in the description box.

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NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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