Best oats brands in India for weight loss – Instant, Steel cut & Rolled Oats

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Now we will talk about Best Oats Type and Brand for Weight Loss.

Oats are becoming popular day by day, since more and more people have started eating this grain for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I also eat oats every day. First let us know how and which type of oats help in losing weight.

Why Oats for weight loss?
One of the prime factors of eating oats for weight loss is the heavy fiber content present in them. Oats are loaded with fiber, which are helpful in keeping you satiated for long, and thus help in preventing binge eating. Also, it these nutritious oats contains beta glucan which helps in eliminating fat content from the body and boosts metabolism.

Which type of oats is healthiest?

Amongst Instant, rolled and steel cut oats, steel cut oats are the best.

Steel Cut Oats – The Healthiest option, these are very less processed whole grains as compared to the other two. They have higher fiber content, and are low in glycemic index when compared to instant and rolled oats, which means they feel you full for longer time and maintain your caloric value.

Rolled oats – These are processed and steamed to make them soft and flat, and they take a shorter time to cook as compared to steel cut oats. Dehusking of oat groats are carried out and are then slightly toasted after getting flat, to help in faster cooking.

Instant oats – The most processed oats out of the three, instant oats are pressed, rolled and cooked for faster cooking and easy consumption. Instant oats are the thinnest and take the fastest time to cook as compared to steel cut oats and rolled oats.

Steel cut oats takes 30 minutes to cook, so people usually choose Instant oats.  But whether eating instant oats daily is as effective as the others for weight loss or not, is discussed upon in the later part of the article. Do not forget to read that.

Now Let us Discuss the Best Oats Brands and Flavors one by one.

Popular Brands of Healthy Oats

#1 Sattvic Foods – Steel Cut Oats

Amazon Rating – 4.6 ( Awesome by 66+ users)

Sattvic Steel Cut OatsSattiv Innovations is an Indian Brand which manufactures Organic healthy products.

Being gluten free, these steel cut rolled oats are beneficial for both, health and weight loss. The endosperm content is kept intact in steel cut oats, which is not found in instant or rolled oats, and this makes them the healthiest of the lot. These are also rich in important nutrients such as protein and magnesium, which add to the health benefits.

Taste – Most of the users claim that it tastes much better than Instant oats. Almost all age groups are fond of the taste. You can also increase the taste more by simply adding jaggery and few dry fruits according to your caloric intake.

Nutrition per Serving (25 Grams)

Calories – 95.4Protein-3.3gFiber-2.3g

Cooking time – Steel cut oats take around 30 minutes to cook.

Quick Cooking Tip – Soak them overnight in water, Just Boil the water, and add oats. In the morning, these overnight soaked oats will take maximum 10 minutes to cook on a low flame.

Best oatmeal Recipes – Thinking of preparing healthy steel cut oats dishes? Well I have a few recipe ideas for you. Try oats pancakes with bananas, or prepare steel cut oats muffins. You can also try a sweet recipe which includes peanut butter, steel cut oats, 1 piece dark chocolate and strawberries, which are all great for weight loss.

Other Steel cut oats options – You can also try True Element Steel cut oats and Bagrry’s steel cut oats available on amazon.

Price – It costs Rs. 425 for 1.5 kgs, which is around 60 Servings. Yeah, that is a bit costly but these are the real least processed oats, and are really healthy.

You can buy it from here.

#2 Urban Platter – Rolled Oats

Amazon Rating – 4.3 (Very Good by 134+ users)

Urban Platter Rolled OatsThis is another Indian Brand which is a great Organic Product. It is for those who do not have much time to cook but still need healthier options other than Instant oats. These Rolled oats take around 5-10 mins to cook.

These oats are gluten free as well, and are high in fiber, protein and healthy fat content, and low in carbohydrates. For weight loss, these help in keeping you full for long and works it antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties, which helps in additional weight shredding. For keeping a healthy body and those suffering from gluten intolerance, this product is ideal.

Taste – Most users claim that these oats give the real taste, which is better than Instant oats. You can relate that taste with Wheat.  You can add honey or fresh fruits for increasing the taste.

Quick Tip – Users also claim that they taste better after soaking them overnight in water.

Nutrition per Serving (25 Gram)

Calories: 97.25Protein:4.25gFiber:2.75g

Cooking Time – These take around 5- 10 minutes to cook.

Best oatmeal Recipes – You can easily prepare chia seeds and fruits oat jar, or make roasted oats and peanut butter squares. You can also make oats banana pancakes with rolled oats.

Other Rolled Oats Option – At present, there are two more brands, True Elements and Sattvic Foods, which also produce quality Rolled oats.

Price – It costs around 300 Rs for 1 kg of Rolled oats.

You can buy it from here.

3. Quaker oats – Famous Instant Oats

Quaker oatsAmazon Rating – 4.4 (Very Good by 816+ users)

We all know that Quaker Oats are a classic and is the most selling oats product in India. You can easily find it in every Food store, since Quaker is a 135 years- old oats Brand.

Instant oats are cooked the fastest of the three, the reason being that they are pre- cooked and most processed of the three. These contain healthy dietary fiber and protein, which are essential nutrients for weight loss. But as discussed they also have sodium content, which is not good in regular use. Also, it is gluten free and helps in preventing stomach issues.

 Quaker Instant oats Flavors

Oats Classic-100% Whole grain oats Company Link, Amazon

Oats Plus – (Made of Oats, Wheat, Barley, Ragi)

Home Style Masala Oats  (Only available at Quaker site)

Best Healthy Option? – Multigrain Oats Plus is healthier and tastier instant oats option than Quaker Classic due to the benefits of Ragi, barley and Wheat with oats.

Nutrition- Per Serving (35 Gram, Classic Oats)

Calories: 141Protein: 4.1gFiber: 3.7g
Fat: 3gCarbs: 24.3g

Taste – Quaker classic oats have a bland taste. You need to add more ingredients like apple, banana and dry fruits to make its taste better.

Cooking Time – Quaker claims it takes 3 minutes to cook.

Best oatmeal Recipes – You can get extremely creative with recipes and dishes made with Quaker oats. You can prepare oats idli, oats baked vegetable dish, or a simple oats upma dish etc.

Price – That costs around 149 Rs for 1 kg of Rolled oats.

You can buy it from here.

4. Saffola – Masala oats

Saffola Masala OatsRating – 4.1 (Good by 98+ users)

In Masala Oats, Saffola(Marico India) is a Famous Brand, as it gives loads of Masala options. We love the Veggie Masala oats option. Masala Oats are famous because within a few minutes, you get a tasty oats dish ready. Sounds good?

Yes it is, but these are not so healthy when compared to Steel cut oats or even plain oats.  Many people claim that Masala oats should be eaten just once in a week and not every day. I will enlighten you on this at the end of this article.

Saffola Masala oats Flavors

  • Classic Masala
  • Pongal Surprise
  • Pepper & Spice
  • Curry & Pepper
  • Masala & Coriander
  • Veggie Twist
  • Peppy Tomato
  • Chinese Flavor
  • Italian Flavor
  • Tandoori Magic
  • Tangy Chaat

Best Masala Flavor – Most of the users loved Veggie Twist, followed by Classic and Peppy Tomato Flavor too.

Saffola Also Gives options of Plain oats and Fruits & Nuts Oats. You can try them too.

Taste – As we discussed, they are tasty. To make it tastier add carrot, peas and French beans.

Nutrition- Per Serving (40 Gram, Veggie Twist Flavor)

Calories: 161Protein: 3.3gFiber: 2.8g
Fat: 4.2gCarbs: 27.5gSugar: 2.6g

Cooking Time – Saffola claims that it takes 3 minutes to cook on a medium flame.

Price – It costs around 130 Rs for 400 grams of Veggie Twist Masala Oats.

You can Buy it from here.

5. Bagrry’s White Oats

Bagrry White OatsAmazon Rating – 4.3 (Good by 137+ users)

Bagrry Sounds Foreign brand but it is Another Famous Indian Brand in Breakfast Foods Market.

Claiming to be 100% whole grain, white oats are high in fiber and protein content, which will help you fuel up your tummy in the morning and keep you full till lunch time, avoiding binge- snacking and saving on calories. These oats also help in lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining heart health.

As we discussed above Baggry’s, it also sells Steel cut oats, Oats Bran, Muesli on Amazon. Its website also lists Masala Oats, oats for making Atta, Daliya, Poha, Oats for Suji & Rava. You can find these on BigBasket here.

Taste – As per Amazon Reviews, the taste of Baggry’s Oats is good. They are crispy and somewhat better than other plain instant oats.

Nutrition- Per Serving (35 Gram, Natural Oats)

Calories: 139Protein: 5gFiber: 3.6g
Fat: 3gCarbs: 23.1g

Best oatmeal Recipes – You can prepare oats vegetable khakra, oats dosa or oats fruit lassi.

Price – It costs around 149 Rs for 1 kg of plain Bagrry White Oats.

You can Buy it from here.

6. Kellogg’s Natural Oats

Kellogg OatsAmazon Rating – 4.2 (Good by 66+ users)

Kellogg’s is a Famous American brand for Breakfast instant healthy foods. In India, we also know it for Kellogg’s Corn flakes, Chocos etc.

These oats slow down the absorption of carbohydrates in your body, thus lowering down blood sugar levels and keeping you full for long. The beta- glucan fiber content also helps in lowering down bad cholesterol levels. It also reduces high blood pressure due to the low salt content present.

Kellogg’s comes in Many Flavours, including Natural Oats.

Kellogg’s oats Flavors

  • Shahi kheer
  • Hot Chinese
  • Masst Masala
  • Chatpata Tomato
  • Mango Strawberry

You can find all these Flavours at Kellogg’s Official Website here.  Other Online Stores like Amazon and Grofers only have a few Flavors.

Taste – The brand is good but plenty of users have complained about its taste on amazon. I personally think that it is worth checking different flavors like Shahi kheer and Mango Strawberry for a change. 😀

Cooking Time – Kellogg’s claims it takes 3 minutes to cook on a medium flame.

Best oatmeal Recipes – You can try oats papaya drink, oats veggie cutlets, or oats chana dal payasam.

Nutrition –     Per Serving (35 Gram, Natural Oats)

Calories: 124Protein: 4.1gFiber: 3.9g
Fat: 3.2gCarbs: 23.7g

Price – It costs around 155 Rs for 1 kg of Simple Kellogg’s Oats.

You can Buy it from here.

Patanjali Oats – It is not in the List but how can we skip that?  They are not that popular in use yet but I think they will be soon. As Patanjali is Fastest growing organic foods company in India. Baba Randev Oats will surely be used in a large amount like other Patanjali Products. You can view Patanjali simple Oats, Masala oats and Tomato oats on Amazon. I will write more on these when I have sufficient information.  If you use that, Please write on comment about your review.

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Can I eat Instant Masala oats daily?

The Simple Answer is NOOO….. Yes, that is not a favorable answer. We might think that it is a tastier and healthy option, but the truth is that companies add many unhealthy ingredients to make it tasty and for preserving masala & vegetables. It increases Sugar and sodium content in the product and also increases its Glycemic index. When glycemic index is high in your blood sugar, it is not good for weight loss and even for your health in the long run.

Even Instant oats are not for daily use due to their high Glycemic Index.  So instead of Masala oats or instant, try steel cup oats daily and you can enjoy masala oats once in a week. Why only Masala oats, there are loads of Spicy healthy oats recipes you can make with Steel cut or Rolled Oats. Yes, that will take time but it will surely be worth it, as health is our priority.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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