January-February 2017 Update- Depression, Regaining Weight and Loss

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28 Feb 2017


My weight– 73 kgs

Total weight lost till now– 17 kgs

Weight Loss in Last 2 months – No Change 🙁

In the last 2 months- 3 kgs gained, and only 3 kgs lost
Alike November and December, these two months were as bad as they were. Even during the month of January, instead of losing weight, I gained 3 kgs and my weight went up to be 76 kilo L. But after making a few changes, my weight again came up to 73 kilo at the end of February. C’mon let’s have a look at these two months in detail.

I followed the same December’s diet in January. This time when I started, I thought that I would be able to lose a good amount of weight, because I had made a few more changes this time and I was quite confident regarding the same.

As we know, It is necessary to make changes in your diet time to time, through which we can gain all the essential nutrients and the weight can be lost at the same time. If the changes are not made, our body gets used to the diet and it does not react to it accordingly.


That is the reason I made these 4 changes in my diet.


Small Changes in January Diet

Change 1 – I started consuming water soaked cumin powder with warm water in the morning: Cumin powder (jeera water) has always been very effective for me. I have consumed it for a long period of time in the past as well, through which it had a good effect. So, that is why I have started consuming it again.

Change 2 – After that, I switched to amla (gooseberries) instead of fruits: I wanted to add amla in my diet and amla is also a fruit. It has a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and this fruit helps in increasing the metabolism rate as well, which is really necessary for weight loss. It increases the carb, sugar and protein metabolism rates and that is why I have added amla in my diet.

Change 3 – I started taking bottle gourd juice (ghiya juice) at night instead of morning: There was a lot going on in the morning through which managing everything was a bit difficult and taking Lauki juice is important. I don’t want to leave it now so I started consuming it in the evening as a soup. I started adding chia seeds powder to it so that I can consume chia seeds before sleeping as well. Chia seeds increases the metabolism rate and it gives the best results when consumed before breakfast and bedtime.

Change 4 – I started mixing chia seeds in oats sprout salad and bottle gourd juice: I started adding chia seeds in almost everything, because this super food will help me losing more weight. It contains a high amount of protein and fiber. Along with the nutrient content, it also helps in giving the feeling of a full stomach and it improves digestion.

The remaining diet was followed as per the December diet.

Chia seeds had given me some amazing results during December, which is why I started using it more and more in the month of January due to its amazing benefits. Along with this, I started jogging with walking (2-3 times in a week).


Depression and weight gain in January

But……  In true terms, this enthusiasm of mine was only dedicated in only preparing my diet and schedule. I started losing enthusiasm to follow it. I have been following my diet plan and exercise schedule since a year, stopped eating my favorite food items, and it feels like all the happy colors have been thrown out of my life. Even after doing this much, I am facing troubles one by one and I am losing weight at a very slow pace. I had thought that I would be able to reach the target of around 60 kgs till the end of 2016, but my weight is still 73 kgs.

More and more negative thoughts started to arise, as if whether or not I would be able to lose this weight or not. I am feeling this since the past few months. But I consoled myself that although slowly, my weight is reducing at least. But sometimes lift all our understandings and keep them aside in a corner, and just keep getting worried.

This is exactly what happened to me. I went into depression during the first week of January and it increased day by day. I didn’t even realize when I started avoiding my diet and exercise schedule slowly and steadily. I started lying to myself and whenever I got a chance, I ate much more than what was planned in my diet. I did not like anything, and I was always angry, angry on everyone, the kids, and diet, everything…

This depression of mine cost me a lot. Instead of losing some kilos, I gained weight. This was the second time when my weight was increasing steadily instead of decreasing. My weight increased within a few days (approx 15- 20 days) with 3 kgs and I was back at 76 kgs againL. I ended up to where I was three months ago. It meant that my 3 months were basically wasted.

And I felt that there was only one reason behind it, getting into depression, focusing less on the diet plan, done more cheatings and working out less with a lack of enthusiasm.


But after reaching 76 kgs again, my restlessness kept on increasing and I did not understand what to do. I had the feeling that I had left myself in the middle of an ocean. It is said that when you are left alone in the middle of an ocean, you are bound to drown. And I would have also drowned if my husband hadn’t supported me.

He took my behavior into serious consideration and thought to fix it. To do so, he took me out on an outing for 3 days (27 Jan- 30 Jan) in Ranthambhor near Jaipur, near to nature where I could relax, and that too only with him (no kids :D). And where I could forget everything and just enjoy, eat whatever I liked, no diet, no workout. So that when I returned, I would have the same energy again to move forward.

Januray Trip

This trick which my husband played, worked really well. And this trip didn’t affect me at all when I stealthily cheated on my diet. On this trip for 3 days, I did whatever I felt like, I ate whatever I craved for and all the burden and load which was eating me up was left behind.


Weight loss in February

Now after returning from the trip, I was enthusiastic and totally ready to follow my diet. I started following the updated diet of December 2016 properly. My weight went down to 74 kgs till 10th February. It meant that I lost 2 kgs again but my weight was still 1 more kg ahead of my last noted weight. It meant that I was still in a loss. But I felt a new enthusiasm again, that I need to lose weight anyhow, and reach 60 kgs, no matter what.

I faced a big problem (depression) and was soon out of it too. But problems never leave your side. When I added and increased the ‘chia seeds powder’ in my diet, it gave a new problem. I started facing the problem of constipation. Although you need to soak the chia seeds in water and use it, through which it can improve digestion. But after soaking the seeds in water, they become slippery and I do not enjoy eating them thereafter. And that is why I prepared dry chia seeds powder and added it to my meals, which caused dryness in my stomach.

Even though constipation is a common problem during weight loss, but the use of chia seeds powder gave the problem a bigger face. It stops the process of losing weight in a manner, the diet stops working and you always feel uneasy due to it.

That is why I stopped using chia seeds since 15 February because they were causing problems for me. It made some of my days miserable, but after doing some things, my problem of constipation started decreasing. (I will be adding an article on Weight Loss Constipation and Solution soon, through which I was benefited.)

And I made some more changes in my diet and schedule through which I could be back in form and lose weight…


My diet (15 February to 1 March)

The changes made in the old diet are marked in blue.

6.00 am – 1 glass warm water + soaked cumin powder (jeera powder)
6.30 am – 4 pieces amla candy

7.00 am – ½ cup tea + 2 digestive biscuits (now I started drinking tea again. The mistakes made in the past should not be repeated and thus I added tea in my diet, so that I could enjoy it and do not feel bored again. I started it from 15 Feb.)

7.30 am – Cinnamon- ginger tea- Boil cinnamon and ginger in water and filter them. Add them to warm water with half lemon and black salt (175 ml).
8.45 am – I continued the navras juice- because this drink has proved good for my stomach, I continued it (I stopped consuming it from March).

10.00 am – Sprouts salad (I took different sprouts every day, approx 20- 25 grams soaked + 25 grams (tomatoes + onions + green chilies, coriander leaves, a bit of curry leaves) (I hadn’t consumed sprouts salad in December). Also I stopped adding chia seeds powder in it.

Day’s Meals

1.00 pm – Oats (40 grams cooked) + curd 50 grams. I stopped adding chia seeds powder in it as well.
2.00 pm – Vegetable salad (30 grams tomatoes + 20- 25 grams cucumber + Sometimes carrots 20- 25 grams)
3.00 pm – ½ chapatti + a small amount of cooked vegetables (this ½ chapatti should be consumed only when you feel like it, not every day).
5.30 pm – Green tea (175 ml)



7.30 pm – 1 glass lemon water with black salt (through which you can avoid constipation)
9.00 pm – ½ Roti + cooked vegetables

9.30 pmCucumber juice, did not add chia seeds powder in it too.

Note: I omitted chia seeds from my whole diet because I felt that the intake of chia seeds in a PWODER form was causing harm to me, through which I had to face the problem of constipation. But after a few days from now, I will start using it after soaking it in water.


Workout Changes – (Cardio and Basic Weight Training)

I made some changes in my work out as well – I switched to cardio exercises instead of ‘Walking or sometimes jogging’, which I had started Jnauary. I heard allot, as per the experts Cardio is quite beneficial for weight loss. I follow this 37 min video of cardio for 20- 25 mins max. I am not able to complete the whole thing, as I get completely tired.



I also started 15-30 mins of Basic weight training along with it, in which I started the basic full body workout with dumbbells of 2- 2 kgs. I wanted to concentrate on muscle building since a long time because according to experts, building muscles can help in rapid weight loss. But I wasn’t able to do it. To increase my weight loss rate, I started below workouts with dumbbells of 2- 2 kgs.

Equipment required – Only 2-2 kg Dumbbells or can use any 2 kilo bottle or so.

Squats with 2-2 Kg Dumbbells
2 sets, 12 reps per set




Dumbbell Lunges with 2-2 Kg dumbbells
2 sets, 8-12 reps per set



Seated Calf Raise with 2-2 Kg dumbbells
2 sets, 15 reps per set

calf raise


One-Arm dumbbell Row with 2 Kilo
3 sets, 8 reps per set

Dumbbell Row


Pushups – 3-4 on knees
3 sets, 4-8 reps per set

knee push up


Dumbbell Curl
2 Sets, 10-12 Reps

Dumbbell Curl


And till 26th February, I reached 73 kgs again. That is how I lost my increased weight of 3 kgs in this month. Now I am waiting for the further days. As usual, I am feeling again that now I would be able to lose weight easily( No Harm in expecting 😀  )

And I learnt a lesson that depression will never help you to lose weight, but only gain weight. So keep on working, slowly and steadily, but you will surely lose weight.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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