Nov-Dec Lost 3 Kilo with Loads of obstacles

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31 Dec 2016

Hello friends, this is the last day of the year 2016 and my last update of this year. Well, I am really happy today because I have lost 3 kgs in the last two months. I weighed 76 kgs on 30th October and I weigh 73 kgs today. Actually I was hoping to lose 4 to 5 kgs because I had made a lot of changes in my diet during the month of October and I got good results due to it. I gained confidence through it that I would be able to lose more weight in the next month (November).

But a lot of things happened in the last month due to which losing weight seemed difficult, in fact it seemed impossible.  The journey of these two months was the most troublesome for me. I pray to god that it does not continue further.
seema 73 kilo 31 jan


Current weight-  73 kgs

Total weight lost till date- 17 kgs
Weight lost in the last two months(Nov-Dec)- 3 kgs


My diet (1 Nov to 1 Dec)

This is the same diet which I followed in October, no changes made in it.

I made a big decision in November of drinking hot water during the day. Earlier, I used to drink hot water only in the morning. But according to many experts, drinking only hot water will increase your metabolism and it will make your skin clear.

At first, drinking hot water did not quench my thirst but it became a habit within a few days and now I do not get satisfaction in drinking normal water (at room temperature). I hope this change gives me good results.

I tried following the diet and schedule of October. I tried because many things happened in this month due to which my diet and exercise could not be followed regularly. I lost 1 kg in the first 10 days of November and it led me to weigh 75 kgs but till the end of the month, I gained the lost 1 kg and I weighed 76 kgs. That means there was no difference in my weight in this month, it did not increase and neither did it decrease.


3 Marriages in Close relation

There were many reasons for the same. My husband’s three cousins were getting married and all were special. It meant there were parties for a total of 10 days and we had to attend them all. We faced all day outings during these 10 days due to which my diet and exercise went flop.

As I said earlier that I lost 1 kg in the beginning of this month, but due to eating in the weddings (but I really tried to choose and eat), I gained 1 kg and it all came back to square one 🙁


Sister’s Family Trip

As soon as the wedding parties were over, my elder sister came along with her family to spend the holidays and we all roamed around for 3 days, enjoyed the outing and ate a lot of food. Since the first 10 days of this month were imbalanced in terms of weight loss, I didn’t have any option but to be careful with my diet. I tried to eat the least (but we tend to eat something when we are out, as most of us outing is eating different foods haha ), so I was not able to follow my diet completely.


Chikanguniya – Yes Chikungunya

After 2 days of my sister’s departure, I fell ill. I felt severe pain throughout my body and I felt that my joints were stuck. And due to this pain, I was unable to do anything.

When I visited the doctor, he said that this was a symptom of Chikungunya. He told me to rest for the next ten days. My diet changed completely.

The disappointing part was that I had to eat 2 chapattis covered with ghee during the morning and evening along with sabzi and sweet tea. But the positive part was that my maximum intake was a liquid diet to ease the effects of Chikungunya. I freaked out after hearing the name of the disease because many of my relatives suffered through it and according to them, the body pain took around 2 to 3 months to completely vanish. And it might increase again from time to time.

I did not want to suffer the same, so I googled a lot about it and prepared a diet, because if this continued for 2 to 3 months, I would have to forget about my dream of getting slim.

During the phase of Chikungunya, I followed this diet for the next 10 days.


Diet during Chikungunya (Mostly Liquid)

8 am – 1 glass warm water
9 am – tea, normal sweet tea
10 ammix navras juice (aloe vera, amla, papaya leaves, peepal leaves, giloy, neem leaves, bitter gourd, etc.), This was really-really bitter, I have never had anything more bitter than this. But this is the actual drink for curing chikan guniya.
10.30 am – oats
11.30 amtulsi and coriander powder tea – another special chikan guniya drink (15-20 tulsi leaves mixed with 1 spoon of coriander powder and boiled for 10 min on medium flame, filter and drink).

12 pm – 2 ghee chapattis with sabzi
12.30 pm – Patanjali giloy, 2 tablets (for curing chikan guniya)
1.30 pm – Green tea
2.30 pm – coconut water
3 pm – 1 glass warm water
4 pm – green tea
5.30 pm – normal sweet tea
6.30 pm – 1 glass warm water

8 pm – 2 ghee chapattis with sabzi
8.30 pm – coconut water
9 pm – tulsi coriander tea
10 pm – 2 giloy tablets


In this manner, consuming 2 ghee covered chapattis, sabzi and sweet tea along with a liquid diet for the next 10 days, I was frightened that I was going to gain a lot of weight due to total bed rest, eating ghee, sugar etc, but thank god, my weight did not increase and neither did it decrease.

This liquid diet helped me a lot in curing the effects the chikan guniya. Now may pain had almost subsided, around 80% of it had lessened. And I did not suffer from a fever due to this.


Back to Dieting

Now the time was to get back to dieting and my schedule. I began dieting again on 15 Dec when my weight was still 76 kilos.

But according to my previous history, I weigh the maximum during the last few days of the month. But that does not mean that I am losing the weight due to the efforts put in the last few days, in fact it is due to the diet which I have been following since a long time. But it wasn’t the case this time, I was not able to continue the diet since the last 30 days.

The liquid diet during the chikan guniya phase left a positive impact, I did not lose any weight but I lost a few inches. Many a times, you cannot see the difference on the scale but you can feel it in your body. Likewise, I was able to feel the changes in my body and there was a difference of 1 inch on the measuring tape as well.

But there was no change on the weighing machine till 15 Dec so I felt that if I use these 15 days wisely, I would be able to see some results.

So I thought to work hard in these 15 days. Firstly, I tightened my schedule and I started my walk and a light workout. I was not able to do much because there was still a little body pain left but still I began with a routine. Other than that,

I also made a few more good changes in my diet, like

  1. I started eating 5 almonds instead of fenugreek seeds water
  2. I ate fruit salad mixed with chia seeds
  3. I continued the navras juice
  4. I switched to bottle gourd juice instead of sprouted seeds salad
  5. I had vegetable juice instead of protein laddoo at night
  6. And I drank Isabgol before the main meal for 5 days. I shall talk about it in detail after a while.


My diet turned out to be like this.

In Morning

5.30 am – 1 glass warm water
6 am –  walnut or 5 almonds
6.30 am – ½ apple or 40 grams pomegranate or ½ guava or any other combination that is suitable + 1 teaspoon soaked chia seeds
7.15 am – cinnamon ginger tea; add ginger and cinnamon to water, boil it and filter. Add ½ lemon to it and drink after adding black salt (175 ml).
8.45 am – I continued the navras juice because it seemed beneficial for my tummy.
10 am – 175 ml bottle gourd juice


Food during the day

1 pm – oats (40 grams cooked) OR 1 glass bajra rabdi (this is a common Rajasthani dish, mix butter milk with bajra flour and salt and bring it to boil while mixing it thoroughly. After continuously mixing it, let it boil again for 10 to 12 mins).
2 pm – vegetable salad (30 grams tomatoes + 20- 25 grams cucumber + 20- 25 grams carrots)
3 pm – ½ chapatti + a little amount of sabzi (you can have this half chapatti once in a while when you wish but not every day, as it is difficult to survive without chapattis).
5.30 pm – green tea (175 ml)



7.30 pm – 1 glass lemon water with black salt

9 pm – vegetable soup or half chapatti


Benefits of chia seeds

chia seeds weight lossI started using chia seeds in my diet this time. I wanted to use it since a long time but couldn’t due to its unavailability. But I got it this time with the help of a friend.

The most useful benefit of chia seeds is that it contains a small amount of calories but a lot of nutrients. It contains a lot of fiber which makes your stomach feel full. Chia seeds do not have a taste, so they can mix well with any food item. But use only soaked chia seeds.

Well, let me tell you that when I read about chia seeds and saw it for the first time, I presumed that I wouldn’t be able to eat it. I had assumed and thought to myself that it is not necessary to consume every weight loss food item; there are other food items too through which you can lose weight( yeah our mind create good reasons to satisfy himself haha).

But when I could not see results and was stuck on my weight loss plateau, I thought at that point that I should start consuming chia seeds, as many experts suggest that. But due to its unavailability, I couldn’t start consuming it. But as soon as I got it, I began eating it. Initially I soaked it and ate it with any type of fruit and I added chia seeds with vegetable soup in the evening.


Isabgol (Psyllium Husk) Uses

I saw Dr. Shalini’s video of Isabgol a few months ago. According to her, consuming Isabgol 20 mins prior to the main meal helps in weight loss. The reason behind it is that, Isabgol makes a layer in our stomach, which not only absorbs the nutrients from what we eat, but it does not absorb fat either, so whole food become low calorie nutritious food. Also this helps in preventing constipation, which is the main reason of your weight gain and weight loss.

To consume this, add 1 tbsp Isabgol in 100 ml water and drink it within 5- 10 seconds. But you should do it only for 4 to 5 days; overdoing it won’t fetch results for longer. But you can use it again after a month for 5 days and so on

Due to body pain, I couldn’t exercise much in this month. But the diet helped me a lot for these changes and my weight turned out to be 73 kgs on the 30th of December, and the weighing machine still shows 73 kgs till date. 🙂 🙂




A thought

Many a times I think that I should not share my personal problems with you such as weddings, illness etc. But I think many obstacles occur during our journey, be It any type of problem. Everybody faces some or the other problem but the important thing is that we should go on, slowly or even very slowly, just don’t quit it. You will definitely achieve your goal one fine day.


The last day of the year and my goal

My goal of losing 30 kgs this year couldn’t be fulfilled, but when I resolute for it, I was completely unaware about the weight loss knowledge and all the difficulties that I would face.

But I lost a total of 17 kgs this year, and I am really happy about it. 17 Kilo is not a small number, and now I have to lose 13 more kilos. I do not know how much more time this will take. But if I calculate an average, I am losing around 1.5 kgs per month. So according to it, I need 8 to 9 months more to reach my goal.

But I will try my best to reach my goal within 6 months. Rest I leave it on god.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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