Sep-Oct Update – A Big U Turn – Put on 4 kgs – How ??

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16 August to 30 October

My current weight – 66 kgs

Total weight lost till date – 24 kgs

Weight gained in last 2.5 months – 4 kgs

This was the most dreadful time period of this journey, I put on 4 kgs.

When I wrote my last update on 15th August, I was full of confidence and excitement. I was only 2 kgs away from my 30kg weight loss goal and was thinking that I have almost touched the destination. But all of my confidence was shattered in to pieces in the past 2.5 months. I experienced the worst phase of this journey in these 2.5 months. Instead of losing weight, I gained 4 kgs in these months.

Crying weight gain

And the main reason behind it was the renovation work of our home (painting, plumbing, carpenter work, polish, etc). It is said that if you work hard in achieving your objective, nothing can stop you in receiving it. But the opposite has happened to me. This is the third time I am experiencing this in my entire journey. I gained weight again and a whopping 4 kgs this time. It is really a situation of concern for me.

Sep oct update seema

But how did this happen?

We had been planning since a long time for the renovation of our house, probably before I started my weight loss journey. But this work began when I was very close to my target. When the work started, neither I, nor anybody else had thought that this renovation work would add to such a big load. 😀

The painters began their task on 25th August, and we did not think that it would cause a big problem. But there were a lot of tasks, painting, plumbing, carpenter and furniture polish, etc. Everybody was working on their task and our house had shrunk. Everybody was scattered and working at our place. The place was a huge mess, right from 9 am to 6 pm in the evening, no fixed schedule of eating and resting. There was no fixed diet, we ate whatever we got quickly.

The renovation work took place for 2 months and the most important festival of the year, which is Diwali, arrived in this period too. When the work began, we assumed that the work would be completed 10 days before Diwali but it went on and on.

At last, the work was completed in the last week of October. The renovation work and Diwali have washed off my hard work and I have gained 4 kgs. It is a big concern for me.

But one particular thing was positive. Along with weight, I also noticed change in my size in these 2 months. But there was not a major change in the size. I could not check my weight regularly in this phase so I could not figure out when I started gaining it.

Even though I stayed away from festival feasts and delicacies, but our normal Indian food is high caloric in itself, which I ate 🙁

Mainly, this has been the result of not following a proper diet, skipping meals, eating only twice a day and not exercising regularly.

It was all scattered and unorganized in those days. Nothing was in order and it gave me stress and improper sleep. These are other reasons of gaining weight.

Overall, these 2 months were the most difficult and dreadful for me. As I am talking and sharing my experience with you, I still feel confident that there is somebody who wants to know each instance which I have faced, somebody who cares, and that is why I promise you that the next time I come forward, I will lose some good weight (fingers crossed).


Well, you would be having one question in your mind.

Would we need to follow this diet lifetime?

If we do not, then would we gain the weight back?

Yes, to some extent. But it has some aspects.

The main reason of being obese is eating high caloric, low nutrition food and an inactive lifestyle. And we obese people have one more problem, our body has the tendency of being fat, so it will take some years to change the tendency. Whenever you give it a chance, it will fail immediately.

For instance, some people can eat a lot and do not gain weight, and that is due to a different body tendency. Similarly, if we do not pay attention to a healthy diet for some time, we can gain weight after that.

So after losing weight, we need to follow a healthy diet to maintain it. But yes, it won’t be low caloric and would not be strict, and exercise intensity would reduce too.

But after losing weight, if you think that now I can eat properly and live fully, you would 100% gain your weight back.  Losing weight means to accept a healthy lifestyle, which includes diet and activeness as important aspects. If you stop these, nobody can stop you from being obese again.

So that was the reason I gained 4 kgs again. But now I can focus on my diet 100% again, and start my workout. So let us see, how can I not lose this weight? (Fingers crossed)

I am thinking of following the same July-Aug strict diet and exercising 2 times, weight training with dumbbells in the morning and aerobics in the evening, mainly for my arms and thighs.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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