July_August update – Followed 100% diet and workout- Reduced 3.5 kgs

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My current weight – 62 kgs
Total weight lost till now – 28 kgs
Total weight lost in approx last 2 months – 3.5 kgs


Seema 62kg aug17

I am really happy today as my weight has reached 62 kgs, I am just 2 kgs away from my target weight. I feel like “AB DILLI DUR NAHIN”. 😀

I followed my proper diet and exercise schedule in the past 1.5 months. In the beginning month, i.e. till mid July, there was no change noted in my weight and I was really worried about it.

The reason was that last time during January, my weight increased drastically after I reduced it and then it took me 2 months to reduce it again. So I didn’t want to face the same thing again. So I made some changes in my diet and doubled my exercise regime. I started working out 2 times in a day, around 30 mins in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. And that worked 🙂

The major changes made in my diet are:

  1. Green tea in the morning, I drank green tea just once and accompanied it with ½ cup normal tea. I got into the habit of drinking normal tea and I wanted to quit it so I started consuming green tea instead.
  2. And instead of Amla, I have started consuming nuts again because more protein with more exercise means good muscles, and good muscles mean good weight loss.
  3. Apart from this, I switched to thin buttermilk instead of green salad because you do not get good cucumbers and tomatoes during monsoon season that you can eat raw. You also sweat a lot in this humid season and do not get thirsty quickly in the monsoons, so your body tends to get dehydrated. That is the reason I started drinking buttermilk so that I can consume more liquid.
  4. And the most important change is, I started consuming apple cider vinegar. I am just taking it once before sleeping at night. From now on, I will be taking it 3 times. I have received good results out of it. I have read a lot about it many a times and I often wished to consume it to see its effects on weight loss.
    But I never tried it due to its acidic nature and with the fear of the side effects it might cause. Since my diet was also low in calories, I feared that the acidic nature might react with low food consumption and create some problem. These thoughts never allowed me to consume it but now I have started taking it and let me tell you, it is very effective. I do not face the problem of bloating anymore and my digestion has improved. Good digestion means good metabolism and good metabolism means weight loss.

We have learnt till now that the secret behind getting slim lies in our stomach. If you have a good stomach then you can lose weight easily. And if you have a bad stomach and often face with loose motions and constipation then you can lose weight in any condition. So make sure that you take care of your stomach, especially during monsoons as your stomach tends to react more during this season.

My updated diet

6.00 am – One glass warm water + soaked jeera powder

6.30 am – 5 almonds + 5 walnuts

7.00 am – 1 cup green tea

8.00 am – Chia seeds – lemon water

10.00 am – Sprouts salad (take different sprouts every day, around 20-25 grams soaked + 25 grams tomato, onion, green chili, green coriander and some curry leaves)


Day’s meals

1:00 pm – Oats (40 grams cooked) + curd 50 grams

2.00 pm – 500 ml very thin buttermilk, with less curd and more water

3.00 pm – ½ chapatti + a little amount of sabji (this ½ chapatti should be considered only when feel the need, and not every day)

5.30 pm – Green tea (175 ml)



8.00 pm – ½ roi + sabji

9.30 pm – 1 glass water + 2 tps apple cider vinegar


So in this manner, I have made a few changes in my diet and it has given me good results. Apart from this, I have already mentioned that I am working out 2 times in a day.

I follow 30 mins of cardio in the morning.

And in the evening, I follow 10 mins of warm up + arms + abdomen and few basic exercises. Total workout sums up to around 1 hour.

And today I am really happy as I lost 3.5 kgs more and I reached 62 kgs. Now I am only 2 kgs away from my goal.

So many compliments = More confidence

Weight loss complimentsI want to share one thing with you. There was an event celebrating my younger sister’s son’s birthday and my whole family had gathered, including my uncle, aunt, sisters-in-law and sisters. I got a minimum of 12 compliments from them that I am looking nice and fit and that I had done a tremendous job by losing all the weight. It was a surprise for all of them and some of my sisters whom I had met earlier said that we really feel pleased by seeing you. 😀 😀

One of my cousin sisters-in-law could not even recognize me. She stared at me for a while and then said that I had been looking at you since a while and I was unsure whether it was me or some other person. She added that I had changed completely. These sweet and lovely comments motivated me further. 😀 😀

As I told you earlier that when you accomplish this, people start respecting you more. That day I felt that I had carved my own niche amongst all of them. J

You feel good inside and you also motivate other people at the same time. This works in the same manner. When you pass the test with flying colors due to a load a hard work and then people compliment you.

Now I am enjoying this time…

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

  • Femi Saif
    Posted at 22:32h, 17 September Reply

    This is really awesome…really soo happy for you….will reach your goal soon…God bless you always

    • SeeMe
      Posted at 12:50h, 19 September Reply

      Yeah you know, last few steps always take much time, For weight loss mainly fat on arms and thighs takes good time to burn, I am trying more different ways, hope that helps. And thank you so much for your wishes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Shital Patil
    Posted at 00:14h, 23 September Reply

    HI seema very nice,. It needs Patience , its bit emotional journey , you have to fight with yourself. I knew, its not easy task. u did it, very beautiful, Congratulation for new life yes its new life really !!!
    My weight is too 96 kg, after delivery I put on, i am just thinking to loss weight but it seems impossible to me, My baby is 9 month old now.
    I saw your diet plan there is gap between 10 to 1 , don’t u feel hungry in that time, Same between 5:30 to 8 in evening.??
    Your diet is almost 70% liquid only 30% solid. Do You feel blotting , hungry??
    Plz suggest me where should I start (diet)?

    • SeeMe
      Posted at 17:26h, 02 October Reply

      Hello Shital, Thanks allot 🙂
      I didnt started with that diet, As you know, i didnt get any good guidance when i started, I used many diets and after few months, i made my own. The diet is designed in the way, it gives you fuller feeling and honestly it differ person to person. So if you feel hungry eat something in small portion, there are plenty of low calorie nutritious weight loss foods.

      Please check these two articles for more options,

      And Shital, if you have more questions, message me anytime.

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