August September Update – 3 Kilo Weight Loss

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Seema Sep 2016, 80 Kilo Weight


I apologize for not giving any updates for almost a period of 2 months. Honestly speaking, I am worried about my weight reducing slowly and steadily. I have reduced 3 kgs in the past 2 months; normally it is appropriate to lose this much weight but according to me, it is a bit less because I dedicate much of my time in research. In between I tried to find out that if I am following all the things properly, then why I am losing weight at such a slow pace.


After reading many articles, I found out that the reason behind my slow weight loss is my hard fat. The fat in my body has become quite hard in the past few years, which was quite soft at first. I found out more information regarding this on many websites such as this, which says that when our body weighs a lot and fat increases, and when we do not exercise for a while, then the cells present in the fat below the skin start to wrinkle slowly and steadily. This makes the blood flow within it very less, which makes the fat very hard.


Now I exercise for around 1 hour and follow a diet plan. Due to this, the cells present in the fat are slowly opening and the blood flow is getting normal. Because of this, now my fat is getting soft. I have read at many places, that this is a good sign, now this soft fat will burn and is ready to provide energy to the body.
God forbid, it happens in this way itself, because this is the known reason. But with it, I also feel that I need to improve my diet plan, by which my weight will reduce at a faster pace.


That is the reason I made many changes in my diet plan. My new diet aims to reduce obesity at a faster pace. My target is to reduce 4-5 kgs per month. As I said before, you can reduce 2 pounds or 1 kg per week healthily.


I have reduced 10 kgs in the past 5 months. And in this remaining year (within 3 months), I have thought to reduce around 15 kgs. I think it is possible because a few months ago, I did not even know the ABCD to reduce weight. But now I have basic knowledge, and my diet is working too, but slowly and steadily. I can make some changes in it to make it work at a faster pace.


After the research of the past few months, I have prepared a new diet plan.

Diet Plan English Seema


I have explained the reasons of adding all these things in my diet and how they can benefit in weight loss here – my healthy diet for weight loss.


My Research on Indian Foods can help you

In the past 2 months, I found out more about Indian food items, such as which food item contains how many calories, how many nutrients can be obtained and which is helpful in reducing weight.


I have prepared an Excel sheet for this, you can see it here. It is quite basic, only prepared to give myself an idea about it, but you can take a guess from it too. I will post it in a better format on the site soon.


Apart from this, I have prepared a list of such Indian food items which can help in our weight loss. With this, I have also prepared a list of all those food items which increase our metabolism, List of Indian protein rich foods, Antioxidants, Fiber rich foods. You can see that list here.


NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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