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April 2016 – Checking Whats wrong – Getting on the Right Path

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Weight – 90 KG

Weight Loss – No Change in Weight 🙁

Today is 4th April 2016 and I weighed myself but again, no results were found. I still weigh 90 kgs. This means that I am not following the right track. Now i have stared doubting myself whether I will be able to lose any weight or not. Whatever I have done in the past 3 months, either I am doing it wrong or I am doing it in fewer adequacies than required. And I am guessing that the second point is correct.

My husband has suggested me to research about it every day for 1 or 2 hours this time, so that I follow the right direction from now onwards. If I do not do it then I’ll lose the will power that is left. But I have promised myself no to leave it in the middle this time, because if I do leave it then I won’t be able to lose weight ever.

Not eating and drinking will not help in losing weight. I always thought dieting to be eating less, but it actually means to eat the right food which will help in losing weight rather increase it.


I read some articles from good websites such as AuthorityNutrition.com and webmd.com. These websites provide adequate and to the point details about dieting and eating right. I have gained a lot of knowledge through them. Now I know, To understand weight loss, you have to understand the science behind it. You can see that over here.


I’ll tell you something important here,

The food we eat consists of many elements, which gives us energy and helps our body to function. But it also increases fat simultaneously. Some foods give us energy as well as fat whereas some give more energy and less fat. So to lose weight, we should consume food which gives us less fat but at the same time provides with more energy.

A diet plan must be prepared to lose weight, which will include food that provides less fat and more energy. To ease out things, I have prepared a list consisting of those food types which every individual who is struggling to lose weight must know. You can see it here.

I am a vegetarian but you’ll mostly find non-vegetarian diet plans online because non vegetarian food contains a high amount of protein. Protein is very important to lose weight. I was unable to find any easy and practical diet plan online which was suited to my vegetarian preference. After a lot of research, I prepared an Indian and vegetarian diet plan according to m preferences.


My first diet plan:

  • 7.30 am – Lukewarm water and Curry Leaves
  • 9.00 am – Sprouts
  • 12 pm – 2 chapattis + vegetables + buttermilk
  • 5.30 pm – Green tea
  • 8.30 pm – 2 chapattis + vegetables


Now I have a diet plan, morning walk, exercises and I need to follow all of them regularly. I already started this from today.

I will keep searching the internet simultaneously. To be honest, I never had a heavy diet and neither was I a foodie, even though my weight was a huge number according to my age. Probably the reason behind it was my thyroid. Now I am taking my research to a different direction and starting gathering information regarding thyroid. I found that due to thyroid, my metabolism rate had declined to half. The food I eat does not get digested efficiently and thus, more and more fat gets accumulated in my body.


Is My Thyroid is Stopping me to Lose Weight

Now I am getting, that there is no easy way to lose weight in this manner. So I am researching about losing weight along with the problem of thyroid.

Usually, a high protein diet is preferred to lose weight. But since my metabolism rate has declined to half(Due to thyroid), my body won’t be able to digest such heavy element. It will rather increase my weight and not decrease it.

Now a question that what should I eat which will be easily digested and will not keep me starving. I need to change my diet plan. Supposedly, sprouts have a high protein content and aim to weight loss, but since I am not be able to digest them easily, I have to eliminate sprouts from the diet plan.

Due to the slow metabolism rate of my body, I’ll have to eat more number of times but in fewer quantities so that it gets easily digested. If you have a diabetic patient in your family, you must be well aware of this fact. It helps to keep you full and loses weight.

Now I have changed my diet plan and pinned it up my whiteboard so that I can keep a glance at it whenever I pass across.


Changed and Better Diet Chart:

  • 5.30 am – Lukewarm lemon water
  • 7.00 am – Green tea / Curry leaves
  • 9.30 am – Oats / Bottle Gourd juice
  • 12.00 pm – 1 chapati + 1 glass buttermilk
  • 2.00 pm – 1 tomato / I bowl curd
  • 3.00 pm – 1 chapati
  • 5.30 pm – Green tea
  • 6.30 pm – 2 biscuits (Fat free)
  • 8.30 pm – 1 chapati
  • 9.30 pm – 1 cucumber + 1 tomato


Quit eating sweets

According to my research and the articles I read, sugar increases a lot of weight. Most of the dietitians suggest to quit sugar and related items such as tea, juices, etc. which contain a high level of sugar.
The Science behind quitting sugar – The sugar which is present in our body increases the insulin level and insulin is responsible to accumulate fat in our body. If we stop consuming sugar then the speed with which the fat accumulates in our body will decrease, and ultimately we won’t gain weight any further. And if we consume only a nutritious diet, as I have firmly decided this time, then our body will start destroying the fat which is present (known as fat burning) to collect energy from it. This will ultimately result in fat reduction level in our body.
This will be a really tough target for me because I belong to a Brahmin family and we savour sweets with such delight! Now everybody in my family will relish upon tasty sweets and I just have to watch them eat blankly! OMG this is really going to be tough! :(:(:(

Now I have got my perfect diet and I have set my schedule perfectly too.


The following is my updated Schedule and Exercises:

Morning walk – 20 mins – 2 kms
1 hour exercise

  • 10 mins – Warm up – Jumping/ Jogging / Rotations
  • 10 mins – Exercises for arms (See video)
  • 10 mins – Exercises for hips and thighs (See video)
  • 15 min – Kapalbhati pranayam (See video)
  • 5 mins – Anulom vilom (See video)
  • 5 mins – Stretching (See video)
  • 5 mins – sleep for yoga (See video)

+ everyday full of house work and taking care of my kids


A big problem

But as it is said that when you desire something big, you have to pass through many tests first. The same thing happened with me. There arrived a season of weddings and there were 5 party invitations within the next 15 days. I am always awaiting such parties and occasions because I am a housewife and I rarely step out of the house. Whenever I get a chance like this, I just grab it and never let it go! And especially chances like these where there is lavish food! Now what should I do?!
Yummy Wedding food


At a spot, my mind is suggesting to start the diet after 15 days 😀 😀 But I can’t :(, because I fear that if I don’t do it this time, I wouldn’t be able to do it ever! I’ll attend all the parties but neither will I touch a sweet nor will I eat any junk food.

Now I’ll follow this diet and schedule for the next 15 days, with intense desire and sincerity. Let us see what difference it is going to make.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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