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Hello Friends,

We all want to Look slim and stay fit. But for most of us, Successful Weight Loss is really a big deal. I can help you with it, but how? Let us find out.

Firstly, you need to know what people say about my guidance.

What People Say

Name: Nisha  Weight Loss : 13kg

Sultana Testimonial

Name: Sultana   Weight Loss: 18kg

“Hi Seema let me first start by thanking you for Ur effort to post Ur weight loss journey, I accidentally logged in Ur website in mid September it was my life changing experience for sure, I started following ur exercises and diet plan religious in s span of one month I lost 3 kgs my weight was 83.6 kgs almost 84 kgs when I started. Now as of may 4th 2018 my weight is 65.5 kgs, my aim is to lose 7 more kgs hopefully insha’Allah I will achieve that target, all this would not been possible without Ur help for sure, I am obliged to you for being an such a great inspiration, god bless u with good health in abundance, ameen”

Priyanka Testimonial

Name: Priyanka  Weight Loss : 10kg

“Hello friends. I am Priyanka and i live in kota city. मेरा वेट 80 किलो था. बट सीमा जी की वजह से मैने 4 महीनो में अपना 10 किलो वेट लॉस कर लिया है. सीमा जी इतने अच्छे टिप्स देती है वेट लूज़ के लिए, की हर कोई आसानी से अपना वेट लूज़ कर सकता है .ओर कोई भी मुश्किल हो उनके पास हर मुश्किल का सलूशन है.थॅंक्स टू सीमा जी जिन्होने नामुमकिन को मुमकिन कर दिया.मैने कभी नही सोचा था की मैं अपना वेट कम कर पाऊँगी पर ये हुआ .I feel very happy. Thanks to you Seema Ji.”



First Month : 1500 Rs
Second Month onwards : 850 Rs

What you Will get

In Every 10 days

  • New Diet
  • Exercise Videos
  • Diet Explanation
  • Clearing Questions and Confusions

Few Things to Remember

  • Only Vegetarian Diet
  • Females Only
  • Communication Language – Hindi
  • Communication way – Through Phone

Any Guarantee?

Giving a guarantee for weight loss is meaningless. It differs from body to body. Here we are going to add the most common healthy food items and drinks in our diet, which are mostly beneficial. But I apologize to say that there is no guarantee in weight loss.

For instance, IIT coaching classes do not give you a guarantee of the candidates being selected in IIT, because along with the right guidance, it depends on a number of other factors too.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.