Video 5 – How to Stop and Control Food Craving

In this video, we shall talk about the biggest enemy of weight loss, which are food cravings, why we wish to eat unhealthy food and how we should control it.

Hello, I am Seema and I have lost 25 kgs till date, and am still losing more. I am sharing my weight loss experience with you guys through this YouTube channel.

We have always heard that losing weight is not easy. The primary reason for it is not able to control food cravings. We always wish to eat tangy, sweet, spicy or oily food, time and again. These high- caloric and high- carbohydrate food items, which are low in nutrition, make us nothing but fat. It is difficult to lose weight without controlling it.

Whenever we crave for food, we think of eating something, and also “how will it matter for one day?” This will again happen for some other thing. So, eating away is not a solution. There are 2 reasons for feeling this craving.

Reasons of Craving

  • The first reason is physical requirement. When our body faces a lack of some specific nutrient, we crave to eat something special.
  • The second reason is psychological. It means that we do not require food physically, but we crave for it mentally.

Usually we crave for special food when we are watching TV, getting bored, feeling stressed, depressed or angry and even when we feel happy. Food cravings are a restrain to weight loss, in whichever form they are.

There are 2 solutions to manage food cravings.

  • First, do not allow food cravings to occur.
  • second, even if they do occur, how can we control them


So firstly we will talk about how to stop food cravings.

How to stop Craving

How to Stop Craving

  • Make your diet colorful, and change it from time to time through which your body can gain all nutrition regularly. This will not allow physical food cravings to occur at all.
  • Eat more meals consisting of fewer portions, which would make you feel full and less hungry.
  • Eat more protein, which is a filler food. Scientifically, it reduces cravings up to 60%.
  • Sleep properly for 8 hours and make sure that you take as less stress as possible; because we tend to practice emotional eating when we are stressed, depressed, angry or bored. It means that even if our body does not require it, we crave for it mentally. Eating junk food, sugary and deep fried food releases some special chemicals in out body, which make us feel good, and that is why we crave to eat all of this. So make sure that you stay happy as much as possible.

How to Control Craving

How to Control Cravings

Firstly, drink one glass of water, because at times our mind misunderstands thirst for craving. So drink one glass of water and then eat something healthy afterwards.

But at times, this doesn’t work at all. So now it all depends on your control. Do you know that every person who has lost weight has controlled his/her cravings at a great extent?


Yes, you cannot lose weight without controlling your cravings. No, it is not possible at all.

There are many other ways to control it, which I use it for myself.

As soon as you feel like eating anything, you ask yourself whether you want to fulfill your dream of getting slim or remain fat forever after eating this tasty yet unhealthy food. This technique really works.

Even after this, if you focus on cravings, shift your attention to something else for 15 mins. For instance, I am fond of crafting. So, I shift my attention to prepare some craft. Almost all cravings vanish after this. Just try it out once for 15 mins.

15 Min Wait

But if you crave to eat something particular since the past 2-3 days, then it is reasonable to eat it, but in a less quantity, and make sure to continue your diet immediately after that.

Cravings are a big problem for weight loss, but you can control them. You just need to use all these tips effectively.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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