May-June Update – Summer Vacations = Total fun. Thank god, I lost 2.5 kgs even after that

Travelling + Shopping + Parents’ home + Special food = Total fun.

My current weight – 65.5 kgs
Total weight lost till now – 24.5 kgs
Total weight lost in approx last 2 months – 2.5 kgs

Seema 65 kilo Jun17

26 April – 7 June – I lost 3 kgs

I tried to follow and complete my diet(Listed Below) and exercise schedule from 26th April to 7th June for the whole month, and I have been successful in it till quite an extent by which I achieved positive results. I lost 3 kgs this time.

Nevertheless, we still know that May and June are the months of school holidays, where we all visit out parents’ place. Both of my sisters in law visited our place for 8 days and this time, we celebrated it as a big festival. We prepared special food every day, travelled and roamed, went for shopping, and we enjoyed a lot. And mainly the food menu changes completely. Only special food and dishes were prepared from morning till evening, haha.

By the way, this is the hardest time, when people sitting in front of you relish on delicious dishes and you have to sit there eating oats or salad. And the most important thing is that you are the one who has to prepare all of them. 🙁 😀

I controlled 90% of my diet in these 8 days. I was really happy for myself after 8 days passed away because I could keep control of myself. When I weighed myself on 7th June, my happiness knew no boundaries. My weight was 65 kgs. Now I needed to reduce just 5 more kgs to reach my goal. This is taking time but I am really happy that I am able to reduce weight after handling home and kids.

8 June – 18 June –  I gained 1.5 kgs

Now I had to take another tough exam, haha. I had to visit my parents’ place, which is in Kota. I have a 95% control on myself, but the other 5% comes from my husband. Whenever I am lost for a bit, he always remind me, my aim. But he wouldn’t be there this time, so it is going to be difficult.
Well I stayed in Kota for 10 days. Every meal was prepared according to my choice. I also travelled and roamed there, went to shop for my kids, went to the mall, game zone, amusement park, and roamed at all these places.

Mom's place fun

You can understand by now that going at our parents’ place is real fun for us. Firstly, when I wake up late, the exercise regime in the morning is disturbed. I exercise only for half of the times. And who goes and cooks in the kitchen at your parents’ place? What are sisters in law meant for? 😀 😀 But they too are involved in long chats with us. We are involved in such long chats that we feel lazy to go to the kitchen and prepare salad or make sprouts or soak chia seeds. We anyways go to our parents’ place once in a year, so that becomes a bit difficult.

In true terms, I was able to follow 30% of my diet and I could exercise only half of the time. And I also ate whatever special dishes were prepared at home, but only in a limited quantity. And to top that, I faced a problem of constipation once the drinking water changed. We all know that weight loss is an enemy of constipation.

Anyways, these days were spent in real fun. I returned back to home (Jaipur), and then when I checked my weight, boom! My weight increased up to 1.5 kgs. But that was bound to happen. I did not follow the diet properly neither the exercises. I had a lot of special dishes (I had it in a limited quantity, but I did eat them every day). Plus, I suffered from constipation. And my husband was not present there, who used to remind me of my diet every day. 😀

I felt bad but then this time is totally different. I tried a lot but your lifestyle and full schedule changes completely at your parents’ place.
Many days passed in this regime, and my weight went up to 66.5 kgs again.

19 June – 25 June – I reduced a kg again

Now this time I started my diet(Given Below) and exercise in a 100% manner from 19 June and within 1 week, that is 25 June, I reduced the gained 1 kg. And now my weight reduced to 65.5 kg.

So now I am relieved. But this time wasn’t as bad as I had thought. And I reduced the weight which I had gained.

It means that I lost 2.5 kgs in the last 2 months. And now I weight 65.5 kgs.

My Diet This time

which I followed for almost 40 days but couldn’t follow it for the last 15 days.

Changes from previous diet
Chia seeds – Lemon water: I had chia seeds lemon water instead of cinnamon- ginger tea in the morning and cucumber juice in the evening. Even this is an amazing drink for weight loss. Being nutritious and low calorie, this keeps us full for a longer period and improves digestion as well.

The other part of the diet remained the same, because this diet suited me well. As with my diet,

  • I did not feel hungry and I felt satisfied all the time.
  • I used to have energy always and felt light.
  • My digestion was proper.
  • And I am losing weight regularly with this diet.

So I will be further making only some changes in this diet, until I keep on losing weight.


6.00 am – 1 glass lukewarm water + jeera powder, crushed
6.30 am – 4 pieces amla candy
7.00 am – ½ cup tea + 2 digestive biscuits
8.00 am – Chia seeds- lemon water
10.00 am – Sprouts salad (take different seeds each day, approx 20- 25 grams soaked + 25 grams (tomatoes, onions, green chilies, green coriander, some curry leaves)

Diet during day

1.00pm – Oats (40 grams cooked) + curd 50 grams
2.00 pm – Vegetable salad (30 grams tomatoes + 20-25 grams cucumber)
3.00 pm – ½ chapatti + a small amount of sabzi (This ½ chapatti should not be used every day but only when it’s necessary)
5.30 pm – Green tea (175 ml)


8.00 pm – ½ roti + sabzi
9.30 pm – Chia seeds with lemon water


My exercise scheduleSee here
25 mins cardio exercise + 10-10 minutes arms and thighs exercises to burn fat.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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