Benefits of Curry Leaves for Weight Loss – Water, Juice and Tea Recipes

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Now we will talk about Weight Loss with Curry Leaves.

Curry leaves, or better known as kadi patta or sweet neem leaves in the Indian households, have a lot of health benefits apart from the regular use for seasoning(or called as ‘tadka’ in Indian language)  and enhanced taste.

According to NIH research, it has many health benefits as its power packed with a number of nutrients and certain antibiotic properties which bestow a lot of health benefits. We will discuss how to use curry leaves for weight loss.

curry leaves for weight loss

How Curry Leaves helps in Weight Loss

Curry leafs are a boon to combat obesity. Along with flavor, curry leaves also help in providing nutrition and weight loss. Let us see how curry leaves can be beneficial in losing weight.


The primary goal towards any weight loss program is to wash out all the toxic elements from your body. Curry leaves are known to ace in the process. Eating or drinking curry leaves regularly in the form of juice or tea will help you to detoxify your body, helping to burn fat and control your weight.

Improves digestion

Curry leaves are also known to have certain herbal flavors and benefits which improve your digestion by soothing the intestinal walls. Curry leaves also help you fight diarrhea and promote a better lifestyle.

Burns fat and bad cholesterol

Curry leaves efficiently burn bad cholesterol and body fat. You can consume curry leaves either in the form of juice or simply by chewing a few leaves during the day.

Lowers Blood sugar

Curry leaves lower excess blood sugar. Usually, excess sugar in blood gets stored in fat cells, liver cells and muscle cells, which lead to weight gain. Eating curry leaves controls the blood sugar level and stops you from gaining more weight and burns stored fat. That is how it specially targets belly fat and is eaten to burn it.

Consumption of curry leaves on a regular basis with proper exercise will help you lose a whopping amount of weight. So start adding curry leaves in your daily healthy diet instead of avoiding it.

How to make curry leaves water or tea to lose weight

Curry leaves are one of the best remedies in losing weight. One of the simplest and benefiting ways of consuming curry leaves to lose weight is through curry leaves water on an empty stomach in morning. A few ingredients are required and the method of preparation is quite simple.

You will need: 30- 40 green curry leaves, water, lemon (optional), and honey (optional)

Method of preparation 

Step 1: Boil around 300- 350 ml of water and transfer this boiled water in a glass.

Step 2: Add 30 to 40 curry leaves in the hot water and let them soak for some time.

Step 3: After a few hours, strain the tea to remove the curry leaves.

Step 4: You can add honey and lemon to improve the taste. The curry leaves tea is ready to be consumed.

Note – It would benefit the most if the curry leaves tea is consumed on an empty stomach in morning.

Other ways to use and eat Curry Leaves for slimming

Apart from a seasoning element, curry leaves are also used in a number of food items which will help you gain all the nutrients and help you in losing weight.

Consuming Raw Curry Leaves Juice

Making curry leaves juice is quite simple and a quick procedure. You will need 10 to 15 curry leaves, 2 tbsp of honey, 1- 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 250 ml of water. Add curry leaves to water and grind them together. Filter the mixture and add lemon juice and honey to it. Mix well and serve.

Honey and lemon juice are loaded with antioxidants and they help to clear off your body from toxins, helping to aid in weight loss. They also help in burning fat and increasing metabolism.

 Eating Raw Curry Leaves – I prefer this

I eat it raw, yeah, that’s the easiest way to eat and it works well. I eat 12-15 fresh curry leaves in the morning and drink warm water after that. I rarely boil them or so. It’s working for me in this way, You can try it too.

Curry Leaves and Cinnamon water

Curry leaves water  can be combined with cinnamon powder to enhance the taste of the recipe and also to achieve additional weight loss benefits. Cinnamon helps in increasing metabolic rate of the body, which increases fat burning.

It also keeps you full and reduces food cravings, hence helping you to not cross your caloric intake. It also reduces cholesterol levels.

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Curry Leaves Chutney

It can be served with idli, upma, dosa or any other type of snack.

Curry Leaves Chutney

You will need: 1 cup curry leaves, 1- 2 green chilies, ½ cup grated coconut, 1 tsp urad dal (black gram skinned), 1 tsp rai (mustard seeds), ½ tsp cumin seeds (jeera), 1/2 inch ginger, 1 tbsp roasted chana dal, one pinch hing (asafetida powder), 2 tbsp oil, salt as required.


  • Step 1: Heat a little bit of oil in a frying pan and add mustard seeds and urad dal.
  • Step 2: After the mustard seeds pop, add the cumin seeds, ginger, green chilies and curry leaves.
  • Step 3: Stir continuously and let the curry leaves turn slightly crispy.
  • Step 4: Let the mixture cool and add the curry leaves mixture, salt, water, grated coconut and roasted chana dal in a grinder.
  • Step 5: Grind them until they make smooth chutney. Add salt according to your taste.

Your curry leaves chutney is ready.

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Curry Leaves Kuzhambu

Another Good Curry leaves recipe for weight loss.

You will need: 1 cup curry leaves, 2 tbsp thuvar dal, 1tsp Bengal gram dal, 5 red chilies,1 tbsp coriander leaves, 2 tsp pepper, 2 tbsp coconut gratings, tamarind, ½ tsp turmeric powder, ½ tsp hing, 2 tsp oil, ½ tsp mustard, ½ tsp fenugreek, salt to taste.


Step 1: Prepare tamarind juice by soaking tamarind and salt in water.

Step 2: Add oil, thuvar dhal, Bengal gram dhal, pepper, coriander seeds and red chilies in a frying pan and stir well. Add curry leaves after a while.

Step 3: Mix fried dhals, chillies, coriander seeds, curry leaves and asafotida powder and grind them together until they form a fine powder. Do the same to the coconut separately.

Step 4: Add oil and mustard seeds in a frying pan and let it pop. Add fenugreek seeds after that. Add tamarind juice, turmeric powder and ground dhal powder. Keep it to boil.

Step 5: Add the coconut paste and a little water after it starts boiling. Cook on a low flame until it thickens.

Curry Leaves Kuzhambu

Curry Leaves Powder

Curry leaves powder is easy way to use it in different recipes and foods for reducing weight.  Preparing a powder out of curry leaves is the simplest way to use it in everyday diet to gain its nutritional value. Let us know the method of preparing curry leaves powder.

You will need: 1 cup Curry Leaves, 2 Tablespoons Tuvar Dal / Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Peas), 2 Tablespoons Urad Dal (Split and Skinned Black Gram), 3 Teaspoons Black Peppercorns, 2 Teaspoons Jeera (Cumin Seeds), 3-4 Dry Red Chilli (adjust according to spice required), 1 teaspoon Salt (according to taste).

Steo by Step Recipe:

  • Step 1: Wash and dry the curry leaves and dry roast them on the stove for 5- 10 minutes until they get crunchy.
  • Step 2: Dry roast the other ingredients in a similar manner until the lentils turn golden brown.
  • Step 3: Put the mixture in a blender and grind them to form a fine powder. Add the roasted curry leaves and grind again.
  • Step 4: Grind until you require the desired texture and smoothness of the powder.

You can use the curry leaves powder in rice, bread or vegetables.

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Curry Leaves Oil

You can also use the curry leaves in the form of oil by mixing the curry leaves powder in edible cooking oil. It aids in weight loss and other nutritious benefits.

How to use Curry Leaves in your Food and Diet more

The weight loss benefits of curry leaves can be used by adding it in your daily diet and through various ways.

  1. You can use curry leaves after freezing them. Frozen curry leaves can be used extensively with the same amount of nutrition and they stay fresh even after days of getting them.
  2. One of the simplest ways to use curry leaves is by grinding 1/4 cup fresh ginger, juice of 1 lime, toasted cumin, 2 green chiles, 1 cup curry leaves and salt in a grinder and forming it in a fine paste. You can relish this curry leaves dip with toasted crostini or brown bread.
  3. Add some fresh curry leaves on scrambled eggs, on upma, in dal or a refreshing drink such as mojito.

How to grow curry leaves Easily

We all know Fresh Curry leaves works best for weight loss and good part is they are easy to plant.

To grow a curry leaves plant, you need its cuttings or seeds. The seeds are obtained from the pit of the fruit. Follow the steps to grow a curry leaves plant.

Step 1: Use a fresh curry leaves stem and treat the leaves as cutting.

Step 2: Insert it into a soilless potting medium (organic and inorganic materials).

Step 3: The stem should be around 3 inches long and should have several leaves. The bottom one inch leaves should be removed.

Step 4: Plant the stem into the medium and keep it thoroughly damp.

The plant usually grows within a short period of three weeks.

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Curry leaves Nutritional Facts

Packed with essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, copper and vitamins, curry leaves offer a number of health benefits. Curry leaves also contain several carbazole alkaloids which contain several antioxidant properties.

Energy: 108.0 K cal

Protein: 6.1 g

Fat: 1.0 g

Fiber: 6.4 g

Calcium: 830.0 mg

Iron: 0.93 mg

Vitamin C: 4.0 mg

Phosphorus: 57.0 mg

Copper: 0.1 mg

Magnesium: 44.0 mg

Note: Here 1g carbs= 4 Calories, 1g Protein= 4 Calories, 1g Fat= 9 Calories.


The health benefits of these curry leaves nutrients:

  • Vitamin C and the antioxidants help the skin in being smooth and in treating bruises and acne.
  • The carbazole alkaloids help in fighting several types of cancer such as leukemia and prostate cancer. These alkaloids also help in preventing diarrhea.
  • A high amount of iron content in curry leaves helps in treating anemia.
  • Vitamin A helps in keeping the eyes healthy. It aids in problems such as cataract and protects the retina.
  • Curry leaves protect the heart through the antioxidants which are present. It cuts fat and bad cholesterol.

More curry leaves health benefits

Apart from curry leaves for weight loss, it also help in a lot of other health benefits.

  • Curry leaves are a miracle for hair growth. The antioxidants prevent hair fall and thinning. The hair is strengthened and it provides a quick hair growth remedy.
  • Curry leaves protect the liver from damage. Kaempferol, a potent antioxidant present in curry leaves, helps in removing the harmful toxins from the liver.
  • It helps you battle anemia since it has two important components, iron and folic acid. Iron helps you prevent anemia but sufficient presence of iron does not help unless it is absorbed adequately. Folic acid helps to absorb the iron and hence prevents anemia.
  • It lowers the blood sugar level due to the presence of fiber in curry leaves, hence controlling diabetes.
  • Curry leaves help against indigestion due to the carminative nature.
  • It lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • It relieves from cough, chest congestion and sinusitis.
  • It effectively works against diarrhea.
  • The anti bacterial properties in curry leaves help to prevent acne, pimples and other skin disorders.
  • Curry leaves can prevent and reduce the side effects from chemotherapy and also protect the body from cancer.

 Where to Buy Curry Leaves

The easiest medium to buy curry leaves is online. There are several online groceries that provide fresh curry leaves, saving you time through home delivery, Like Amazon or buy a fresh curry leaf plant at ebay. You can also buy curry leaves at your nearest local market or grocery to assure quality and freshness.

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NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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