6 Main Reasons Behind Weight Gain – Sudden or By Birth

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In this video we are going to talk about those main and common reasons which are responsible for weight gain.

Hello friends, I am Seema and I have lost 28 kgs of weight in a 100% natural and healthy way. I am sharing my weight loss experience with you guys through these videos.

So let us talk about those 6 most common reasons which are responsible for weight gain.

The first reason is, genetic – Obesity is in your genes, which you get from your parents. These genes can play 25 to 70% role in your weight gain.

These genes affect your body in some way, such as you can get hungry more often than usual, your metabolism can slow down, you do not get a feeling of fullness even after eating with your tummy full, or you have a body type such that the fat distribution in your body makes you look fat. There might be other effects of genes as well.

The second most common reason is, overeating and facing less physical activity – We all know Science behind Weight Loss and Weight Gain, if we consume more calories and use fewer calories then the remaining calories would be stored as fat in our body which would make us fat.

That is why it is said that, the main reason for obesity nowadays is a bad lifestyle. Travelling in a car, sitting all day in front of the laptop, eating more while watching television, and eating more junk food when you go out. And if it is so, it should be clear to us that the main reason behind our weight gain is a bad lifestyle.

The 3rd reason is linked to lifestyle as well – That is being stressed, in depression or in sorrow. Your cortisol level increases when you are in stress, which increases your hunger hormones, and you get hungry time and again. This leads you to crave for high carb food items such as deep fried food, sweets, chocolate and soft drinks, because eating such food items makes you feel relaxed.

So those who stay stressed have higher chances of getting fat. Here you can view 5 Lifestyle Changes to speed up the Weight Loss Process.

The 4th reason is hypothyroid – This is found more in females. Whenever you visit your doctor and complain about gaining weight, the first thing they do is test for your thyroid, because the highest effect of hypothyroid is increasing body weight.

Thyroid hormones are responsible for controlling your metabolism. And the weight gain due to hypothyroid decreases your metabolism even more, which makes your body burn less calories and the extra calories are stored in the form of fat.

But if you take regular medicines for thyroid then you can keep it in control, and thus lose weight thereafter.

The 5th possible reason is, your medications – which can lead to sudden weight gain, such as antidepressant medicines, diabetes medicines, high blood pressure medicines, birth control pills, the list is endless. So if you are taking any medicine regularly and you are gaining weight then consult your doctor. If the doctor finds it to be the reason, he will change your medication and you will not gain weight thereafter.

The 6th possible reason is, your age – As you age, your metabolism lowers down. And as we have discussed previously, lowering of metabolism increases fat in our body and we gain weight. Furthermore, its effects start showing after the age of 40 years. But if you exercise regularly then it shows more effect.

Other than these there might be many other reasons such as you might be sleeping less, or you might be regularly binge eating every late night, some deficiency of essential nutrients, menopause, PCOS, PCOD, etc.

It is said that if you get to know your problem, you solve half of your problem at that instant itself. Because we get to know the direction we need to work upon.

So looking at these possible reasons, we got to know that 90% of these problems can be controlled by us. If you keep your food intake healthy and exercise regularly then you can reduce your obesity.

I have just followed a healthy diet and regular exercise to reduce 28 kgs of weight. If I can do it, anyone can.

So get to know the reason behind your weight gain, and make efforts to reduce them. This is the correct way of losing weight.

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NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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