12 Most Weight Loss Friendly Fruits In India – Eat To Burn Fat

fruits for weight lossIf you are already an avid fitness fanatic, you must be aware of how fruits are an essential part of your diet in losing weight. But for my newbie readers out there, we shall discuss of how fruits should be consumed to reduce that adamant belly fat and shed a few pounds. Packed with important vitamins and minerals, some fruits are low in calories, which would help you cut down on your total caloric intake, increase your metabolic rate and make you feel full instantly. You have a wide range of fruits to choose from, but I will tell you which fruits are the most beneficial for weight loss.


Also known as seb in Hindi and safarjan in parts of Gujarat, apple is one of the most nutritious and weight loss friendly fruits.

Apple contains 85% of water. It is High in fiber and rich in essential vitamins and minerals, apples are one of the best choices when you desire to shed a few pounds. According to this research, the high fiber content keeps you full for long, which would keep you away from unnecessary snacking for many hours. Apples lack in sodium and fat content, which makes them a healthy snack.

Apples also promote heart health and control blood sugar level. They are also helpful in reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. It also improves the energy levels of your body and helps in cleaning the digestive system.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

You can consume 1-2 medium sized apples in a day according to your caloric intake, either in the morning or as an afternoon snack to avoid binge eating and to feel full. A medium sized 200 gram apple contains around 100 calories, which helps to watch your caloric intake.


LemonThis sour weight loss friendly food item contributes a lot in reducing weight. It is also known as nimbu in Hindi and is a common household ingredient.

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in cleansing the inner body and releases all toxins. It helps to reduce bloating and thus cuts down fat. Lemons are also rich in potassium which helps in promoting a healthy heart and lowering blood sugar levels. This ingredient also helps in boosting metabolism which promotes energy levels and helps you to lose pounds quickly.

Lemon is a powerful ingredient in promoting a healthy digestive system and helps in absorption of nutrients during digestion. Consuming it regularly can also improve your immune system.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

There are 12 calories in 1 freshly squeezed juice of lemon. Since it is acidic in nature, you should not consume it more than 2 times in a day. Squeeze juice of one lemon in warm water and drink it early in the morning for boosting the weight loss speed. You can add Honey to increase its weight loss properties.


A favorite fruit for summer, watermelon is considered as one of the healthiest food items when you intend to lose weight. It is also known as tarbuj in Hindi.

Watermelon is almost full of water(approx 91%), which makes it a filling and healthy food option. Being cholesterol free and having almost near to no content of fat, this fruit works wonder in cutting down fat. One wedge of watermelon consists of 4% of the required daily fiber intake. This fruit is also low in calories, which can help you save on the total count for the day.

Watermelon is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, B and C and also contains an important component known as lycopene, which is useful in preventing cancer and protects you from heart diseases. Since it is packed with water, it will keep you hydrated for long, will prevent heat stroke and works as body cleanse.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

Around 100 grams of watermelon contains 30 calories and one medium sized wedge contains around 86 calories. It is advised to have around 3-4 medium sized wedges if you want to have watermelon as a proper meal. You can have it for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.


PineappleAlso known as ananas in Hindi, pineapple is another favorite summer fruit known for its amazing taste combination of sweet and tangy.

Loaded with antioxidants, pineapples are responsible for flushing out toxins from the body and helping to reduce weight. It also contains a high level of manganese which helps in controlling blood sugar levels and helps in improving calcium absorption. It also has a high fiber content which keeps you full for longer and avoids binge eating.

Pineapple is a healthy food item which promotes a healthy digestive system and improves bone strength. The high content of vitamin C in pineapples helps in preventing macular degeneration in old age.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

Around 100 gram of pineapple chunks contain 50 calories and are advised to consume in a day. It should not exceed 1 cup(165g) since pineapple is high in sugar content (16g). You can have pineapple for breakfast or as a snack.


Pomegranate is a highly favored fruit for weight loss and is also known as Anar in Hindi. These red seeds work wonders towards losing weight and help in providing other health benefits as well.

Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate seeds help in clearing of the toxins from the body and help in detoxification, which is helpful for losing weight. High fiber and water content keeps you full for long and keeps you hydrated respectively. Chewing on a few pomegranate seeds can help you avoid cravings for unhealthy food.

Pomegranate also helps in improving digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the risk of cancer as well and aids in preventing arthritis. It also helps in protecting from heart diseases.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

You can consume around 1- 2 cups of pomegranate seeds in a day, combined with other fruits as salad to balance the nutritional value. Around ½ cup (87g) of pomegranate seeds contain 72 calories and thus it is advised not to consume more than 1 cups while snack time. Pomegranate seeds can be consumed as a mid morning or evening snack.


Also known as santra in Hindi, oranges are one preferred fruit for its taste. Being pleasantly tangy in taste, oranges are easily available and widely consumed.

Being rich in vitamin C, oranges control the fat metabolism which helps in burning it. it is also rich in antioxidants which detoxify the body and reduce bloating. Also, being full of fiber keeps you full for longer hours and reduces cravings. Oranges as a whole are low in calories and fat content as well.

Being high in potassium, they promote a healthy heart and regulate blood sugar level. They are also good for your skin and eyes.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

1 medium orange(130g) contains 61 calories and the recommended intake per day is 2-3 oranges. You can either have it along side breakfast, lunch and dinner or as a snack.


BananasBanana is the most common fruit eaten in India, which is also known as kela in Hindi. Although it is one of the best calcium suppliers, it is often a question of whether bananas are helpful for weight loss or not.

With a number of weight loss properties, you would be assured that bananas are really helpful in shedding weight. One medium sized banana consists of very less calories and is rich in resistant starch. This starch does not get digested in the stomach or small intestine and thus the calories provided by the source food is very less. Bananas are rich in fiber which helps you to keep full. Also, high potassium content helps in providing proper heart health.

Calcium in bananas helps in promoting bone health and healthy teeth and nails. As discussed above, potassium helps in controlling blood sugar levels and promoting a healthy heart.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

One medium sized(118g) banana contains approximately 105 calories, and so you can eat around 1-2 bananas per day, according to your caloric diet. They provide energy and thus are recommended to eat before workout. You can have it early in the morning but not during the night.


Berries are the healthiest fruit options for losing weight and a number of other health benefits. These have various categories such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries.

Berries are a powerful antioxidant source and are the best food items for detoxification. Being low in calories and high in fiber, they keep you full for longer without adding on the extra calories.

Berries are highly beneficial in aiding digestive health. With proper cleansing of the inner body, they free you of radicals and promote a healthy metabolism which gives you energy. They act as bowel cleansers and avoid constipation.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

One cup of berries contains around 83 calories and you can have 1 cup of berries for breakfast.


Weight loss with papaya is again another debate which has been constantly being argued on. Also known as papita in Hindi, papaya is, in fact, a very healthy fruit and beneficial for weight loss.

Containing a high amount of fiber, papaya can help you feel full for longer hours without giving you cravings. It caters for around 10% of daily recommended value of fiber. Rich in antioxidants, it can help in detoxification and reduce inflammation. It is also low in calories. It also regulates the Digestive system and cure from constipation, gastric issues, which are #1 enemy of healthy weight loss.

Papaya has essential nutrients which help in preventing certain kinds of cancer. Protecting against skin damage and cellulite, papaya also helps in improving heart health.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

A medium sized (300g) papaya contains around 120 calories and 20% of daily fiber requirement but 300% of daily Vitamin c requirement. So eating too much in a day can cause some serious side effects (like can damage the food tube, kidney stones). So fo daily use, you can have 1-2 small slices of papaya for breakfast or as a snack.


CoconutAlso known as Nariyal in India, Coconut is one of the tropical fruits consumed as refreshment. It also aids in weight loss at a large scale.

Coconut has certain fat content which helps with satiety and helps you reduce cravings. It also provides with sugar content which helps you to get energy. Plus, coconut is low in carbohydrates, which can help you to lose weight faster.

Coconut can be consumed in the form of oil, water or in the shredded form. It promotes a healthy immune system and increases athletic performance. Kidney and bladder diseases can be controlled by regularly consuming coconut.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

Being high in calories, coconuts should be consumed in a moderate amount. One tablespoon of coconut oil contains 120 calories and it should not exceed this amount. You can top it on your salads or use it in other meals but best way is drinking coconut water for healthy weight loss.


Guava is a favorite fruit among kids and is often called Amrud in India. Being white/pink inside and green outside, guavas have a lot of nutritional benefits to offer.

Guavas are responsible for boosting the metabolic rate of your body, which helps to burn calories at a faster rate. They are also rich in fiber, which helps in keeping you full and preventing binge eating. Also help relieve constipation naturally. One guava contains very less calories, which helps in controlling your daily caloric intake.

It increase good cholesterol (HDL) and control blood sugar levels. Guavas also help in improving skin quality.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

1 Guava(55g) contains around 37 calories and you can have 1-2 fruits in a day, as a snack or breakfast.  Remember 55g Guava has two times of Vitamin c then daily requirement, so always take it in limited quantity.


PearsPears, or Nashpatee in Hindi, are another regularly eaten fruit in India. Pears are highly beneficial for weight loss and should be included in the daily diet.

Alike other fruits, pears are also packed with fiber which keeps your stomach fuller for longer hours. They account for 20% of the recommended fiber intake. They boost up the energy levels, which helps you exercise more and lose weight thereafter. Plus, they are low in calories as well.

Pears are beneficial for preventing heart diseases and boosting the immune system. They improve the digestive health and promote a healthy colon. They also reduce inflammation and prevent skin damage.

Appropriate portion Size and best time to eat

One medium sized(178g) Pear contain 95-110 calories. You can eat a maximum of 2 pears per day to avoid crossing the caloric intake when on a diet. The best way to have a pear is in the form of a mid-meal snack.

Note – Remember according to USDA, you should not consume more than 121 to 362 calories from fruits in a day for weight loss and for a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure that it should not cross 200 calories a day in a 1200- calorie plan, as each fruit contains a enough amount of calories. You can consume other food items like vegetables and oats for healthy weight loss. You can know more about weight loss food items here.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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