Why is Green Tea so famous for weight loss?

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In this video we are going to talk about, what benefits does green tea have to have become so popular for health and weight loss, and does it actually give good results?

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Green tea has become so famous over the years that almost every person uses it regularly to lose weight. Let us talk about it.

We all know that tea leaves come in various forms, black, white and green. But green tea leaves are not processed in the same way as others, and so it has more antioxidants and contains more nutrition.

According to science, green tea contains natural caffeine and catechin components. And these two are solely responsible and effective for weight loss. Caffeine and catechin provide a number of benefits, and we will talk about three main benefits each amongst all.

Increase Metabolism – The first and most effective is, both these components increase our metabolism. It means that if we are awake or even sleeping, our body burns more calories, which burns more of stored fat.

Activate Nervous System – The second benefit is along with this, both these components make our central nervous system more active, which converts our fat into fuel and gives us energy. It means that we burn fat overall.

Catechin Component – The third benefit is, especially the catechin component, which slowly converts carbs into energy in our body, which gives us energy for longer. So many people drink green tea before exercising, which can help them to exercise more and burn more calories.

Along with this, green tea reduces water retention. It means that it reduces the water weight of our body which is also known as puffiness or swelling. So we can see a few changes in our body after some time of consuming green tea.

So green tea helps a lot in our weight loss process. It reduces water retention and we also get results faster.

Now you must be thinking that if green tea does all the work then why we even need to follow a diet, exercise or the lifestyle changes. Why not eat junk food and enjoy, and let green tea do its work for weight loss.

Now also note that these effects occur at a very small stage. Green tea is a very small part of our diet. Weight loss only occurs after we follow a completely healthy diet, which includes a number of healthy and weight loss friendly food options including green tea. Along with it, you will have to stay physically active and opt for a healthy lifestyle.

The sooner you opt for healthy habits and give up unhealthy habits, the sooner you can lose weight.

Green tea is truly a weight loss friendly and healthy drink, so it is really beneficial if you use it. Just do not consider it to be a miracle drink, and focus completely on a healthy diet for weight loss.

And yes, the amount of weight which green tea would help to lose will depend on how much quantity and when it is consumed. I have shared the exact amount and timings to consume it, View here.

Also if you are not sure, which Green tea you can buy, then watch my List of Best Green tea works for weight loss.

I hope you find these points meaningful. And if you do, please like and share this video so that more people can know about it.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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