Nutrients of the Body

What’s nutrition and how much do we need

What is Nutrition

To make a building tall and strong you need to prepare a base which attains the power to handle the weight of the tall building and make it eligible to stand for years, similarly humans and other living organisms who breathes in and out also need power to sustain and to continue breathing and this power comes from the base of the human body also known as Nutrients.

what is nutrition

Nutrients are those power plugs which help our body to gain power as well as it keeps us strong and immune from various kinds of diseases. As Nutrients are of many types and each type has its own effect in our body, making it to act as a fuel to run our organ systems.

The Human body absorbs these nutrients from the food we eat. One who is fit and living a healthy lifestyle is the one who has balancing diet and is consuming all the essential nutrients which our body needs.

So lets quickly look upon the types of nutrients so that you know what is better to eat.


Types of nutrition’s

There are basically 6 types of nutrients which are the need of the human body to stay fit. Each nutrient has its own effect in human body so lets fall for them to find out their benefits in your body.

Types of nutriens


This nutrient is one of the most important nutrient of our body, as each and everyone must have heard about it, but not everyone knows its real benefits and use. Those who are keen toward building body mass use it as an antidote for building muscles.
Actually proteins are the tangled molecule made up of amino acid which helps our body for growth and also to repair the damaged cells. This is the main fuel which keeps us healthy. As our body is capable of producing some of it, but for more we need to consume it through food. Foods such as Cheese, egg, fish, beans, milk, nuts all are the edibles rich in protein.



Our body along with the growth also needs energy and for that energy our body needs carbs. Carbohydrates act as an energy source for our body. We consume carbs through sugar and starch. We consume these both carbohydrates through different food and these also have different feature in our body, as sugar carb help us giving instant energy where as starch food help us to give more energy which stays for a long time.
Sugar products are generally dairy products such as honey, jams, jelly, candies. These products helps in completing the body crave for instant energy. Starchy foods like Bread, Potato, cereals, corns, beans, etc. provide our body constant energy supply to carry out your day easily.

We now know how our body gets growth and energy but our body needs more to utilize these nutrients and for that we have our next essential nutrient Fat or oil.



Fats is a nutrient which helps to prepare the tissues and store vitamins in our body to protect our organ system. Fats are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which all together stores vitamins and produce fatty acid which helps in building the cell membrane in our body, I know that’s lots of science, basically fats increase the mass of our body so it is always better to take it in adequate quantity so that you can stay healthy. More of it can make you obese.
Humans consume these fats from dairy products like butter and cheese and fast food sauce. They are also present in rich amounts in animal meat. This is only good when you take it in adequate quantity as consumption of fat in more quantity produce a high level of cholesterol which builds in the walls of our blood vessels blocking the blood flow of our body.

For every fuel there is it simulator to control well these three human body fuels are also simulated by one of the nutrients, which help our body to consume Proteins, Carbs and Fats.



Vitamins are stimulator of human body, as they are of many types, they also help our body in different ways. They help our body to use Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates and maintains its function.
As our body needs different vitamins for different purpose which all together keeps us healthy. Like Vitamin D helps in the making, your bone and teeth to grow and to be strong same way vitamin A helps in building skin and hair in our body.
Our body gain these vitamins from many sources such as vegetable, milk, and fruits.



The Human body is the most complex machine ever came in science. This body contains many a things which enables it to perform different activities. These activities need strength and stamina which our body gain from minerals. Minerals helps the body to develop new cells and control important body processes, as some minerals like iron – which carry hemoglobin to Red Blood cells, calcium which makes out bone and teeth strong.



We know that water is the primary basic need of our body. It makes our blood to easily flow around the body. We can survive without other nutrients for many days, but without water you cannot survive a few days. It may not look as useful, but it is still the most important nutrient necessary for our body to stay healthy.
The human body is most of it made up of water and each and every part of our body needs water, although it doesn’t provide any type of energy in our body, but it helps in break down of food so that its nutrients can be extracted out, it cools our body and it also helps in cleaning our body as the body always carry waste in liquid.
Average Human body needs 3 liters of water in a day which helps in digestion and flow of nutrients all around in our body. Water also helps in keeping the brain healthy.


How much our body needs to stay healthy.

Just to keep our body healthy, you need to maintain your diet and the calories you are counting inside your body. Calories is the unit which measures how much quantity of energy food gives to your body. So in order to stay healthy you need to eat 40% – 60% of carbohydrates with 0.8 to 1 g of protein and 15% to 25% of fat in your whole day food.

Along with these basic essentials minerals and vitamins are also necessary; Vitamin A around 700-900 micrograms, Vitamin D – 15 Micrograms, Vitamin C – 75 to 90 mg; iron 8 mg for men and 18 mg for women and calcium 1000mg.
All these nutrients are almost covered in our daily food just count in the nutrients you have and you can start giving yourself to have a perfect diet for healthy living.

Nutrients of the Body
Which foods and vegetable are rich in nutrition’s.

While some of the people claim that among meat and vegetables, meat is the most nutrient food for our body but seems it is proved wrong, as after the research it is found that one who eat animal product gets more of protein and fat, but lacks with some more essential nutrients whereas one who eats plant food completes all the requirement necessary for the body.
Well merging both can be a way to complete the requirement of nutrients in body well for more you can look in the below table to find out which food contains how many nutrients.
Below table is scaled from 0 to 100, meaning 0 for least and 100 for most so lets find out what food have how much?


Leafy or solid green vegetables


Non green/ non-starchy vegetables


Fresh fruits/Beans and Legumes


Starchy vegetable


Raw nut and seeds/ whole grain


Fish / fat free dairy


Eggs / wild meat


Red meat


Full fat dairy/ cheese


Refined oil and sweets


Well, there is nothing that human can’t eat, people even founded human cannibals- they eat all. Well body needs nutrients to grow, to develop and to be strong and it seriously doesn’t matter where you take it from.


Table for Man and women

This table shows daily need of men and women to stay fit.






















Total calories






Today, most of the people suffer from diseases happened because of wrong food and non fulfillment of nutrients such as Vitamin D and more. So it is always important to consume all the nutrients in required quantity for healthy living.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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