Video 1 – Weight Loss Tips and Right Way – जिससे मैंने 23 kg वजन घटाया

Hello, I am Seema and today I am going to discuss the correct and healthy ways of losing weight through my experience, by which I have lost 23 kgs in the past 1 year. Earlier, I used to weight 90 kgs but now I have reached 67 kgs. My aim is to lose a total of 30 kgs.

Seema Weight Loss Journey


At First, let’s talk about why we are unable to lose weight? then we will discuss science behind weight gain and then on what is the right way to lose weight.


why can’t we lose weight

I have tried to lose weight a number of times in the last 10 years, but couldn’t do it. I am sure many of you must have tried it as well. This can be due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is the absence of dedication. If we are truly determined, we can not only lose weight but achieve other goals too. There are other reasons behind it as well. For instance, losing weight is not our primary task for the day; one has to either go to his job, study or complete daily household chores.

why can't we lose weight

Even I have two kids. My entire day flies away in taking care of them, looking into their studies and completing daily household chores. Regardless, we tend to search online or google about how to lose weight whenever we get time. We get quick and incomplete solutions, like “eat this and lose 5 kgs in 2 weeks”, or “drink this and lose 8 inches in 10 days”. And we tend to start following them. After the first week passes, you wait for the 4 weeks to pass, but you fail to see the result. This leads us to follow another quick method, which does not show any result either. And when this happens repeatedly, you assume that you would not be able to lose weight ever, and you live with it.

Once you accept your overweight body, it becomes very difficult for you to lose weight in life. We do try, but due to lack of the correct way, we tend to follow the quick and short ways to lose weight. There is no quick and shortcut way in losing weight and this is the main reason we fail. Even I have failed many times due to this reason.

Now let’s talk about the correct manner. It is important to know the correct reason to get to the correct solution. Firstly you must know the reason behind getting fat. The main and scientific reason in gaining weight is due to over-consumption of calories and using a less amount of the same.


Science behind weight Gain

scientific reason behind weight gain

You must be aware about the term ‘calories’. The energy which we gain from eating food is measured in calories. If we do not burn or use the calories which are consumed, then the extra calories are stored in our body in the form of fat, through which we start gaining weight slowly. But there is a positive aspect related to our body as well. If we consume fewer calories and use more calories, then our body uses the energy from the stored fat by burning it. It means that the stored fat which is responsible for our weight gain gets burned off, through which we can lose the extra kilos as well as inches. So this is the simple science behind losing weight. Isn’t it simply amazing? If you work hard in the correct direction, then your body is surely going to support you. God has created it in such a manner.

Right Way to Lose Weight

Now let us talk about the right and healthy way of losing weight. Weight loss depends on 70% diet, 20% exercise and 10% lifestyle. That means, it entirely depends on what you eat, how much you exercise and how active you are in your daily routine.

factors affecting weight loss

Diet For Weight Loss

Firstly, let us talk about diet. The role of diet plays 70% role in weight loss, which shows how important it is to follow a proper diet. Diet means to manage every food item which we are eating or drinking. Here, dieting does not mean that you stop eating food and starve yourself. It will make you sick and you will need to forget losing weight thereafter. Dieting means eating limited, fewer calories but nutritious food. Nutrients are really important for the working of our body, and fewer caloric food items would help our body burn the extra fat for energy consumption. In this manner, you will not fall ill and you would be able to lose weight in a healthy manner. You have got your work done thereafter. Fat should be burned off, but in a healthy manner.

Now for the diet, we have to decide three things.

  1. First what to eat and what not to eat.
  2. Second, how much to eat.
  3. Third how many times to eat.


So let us first discuss about what we should eat.


What to Eat

Food selection is very crucial in weight loss. There are two basic rules in selecting food. First, we have to eat less caloric filler food items which can make us feel full for a long period of time; and second, we need to keep a variety in our choices, through which we can gain all types of nutrition and our body goes through proper development. But we are unaware of the nutrition content in all food items in the beginning. This has a very simple solution. We would have to add different food items with varied colors in our diet, through which we can gain all kinds of nutrients. There are many food items of such kind, such as:

  • Oats
  • Pulses and legumes (Kidney beans, chickpeas, Blackgram, etc.)
  • Sprouts (Like Green Gram), this can keep you full for long hours.
  • Vegetables such as green leafy types, radish, carrot, bottle gourd, cucumber and tomatoes
  • Fruits such as apple, papaya, banana and pomegranat. which are full of fiber and will keep your stomach healthy.
  • Dry fruits or nuts such as almonds, raisins and walnuts. which will give you full energy and you would feel energetic even after eating less.
  • Vegetable soup, which is a good option during less hunger.

Apart from these, there are drinks such as fenugreek water, green tea, bottle gourd juice and normal water. These will help your body to detox and be prepared to lose weight, which will help you to lose weight easily. There are a lot of other food options. But remember that as long you eat natural food, it will help your body more.

What not to Eat

So now, the next point to discuss is what not to eat. We need to avoid high calorie and high carbohydrate content food items such as pizza, burger, soft drinks, oily and spicy food such as samosa, kachori and sweets. Naming these food items might make your mouth water, but we need to eat them as less as possible. And if you can avoid them completely, then that would be very beneficial for you.

This was about what to eat and what not to eat. The next thing to note is how much to eat.

How much to eat

Every body has different requirements. For losing weight, the normal caloric intake should be around 1200 calories for almost everyone. But it is difficult to measure it in the beginning. In simple words, eat healthy and how much is required. And the exact requirement is notified by our body. If we eat les, we would get hunger quickly.

what tio eat and what not to eat

Let us now focus on how many times to eat.

How many Portions

Eating 5-6 times in fewer quantities is perfect for weight loss, which would help us gain energy and nutrition from time to time, and our body would face complete development. It has another major benefit as well.

If we don’t get hungry then we won’t crave for high calorie food. You only crave for such heavy food items when you are hungry, which only increases weight. Keeping all these things in mind, you can make your own diet, because this diet is going to affect the most on your body in losing weight.

Now let us talk about exercise and lifestyle.


According to my experience, you can focus only on diet and lose weight. But exercise makes your weight loss process quicker and gives shape to your body and you tend to see results faster. Cardio, aerobics, yoga and jogging, all these have a good impact on your body. But if you want to lose fat and size in any particular body area, you need to exercise accordingly.


You also need to make your lifestyle active. Do not sit at home the whole day, walk more, use stairs instead of elevator, dance when possible, do home chores, and be active as much as you can. People who are at the office can eat while standing during lunch hours, talk to lighten up, stress less and eat healthy food instead of unhealthy whenever you feel hungry.


If you focus equally on the diet, exercise and lifestyle, then your weight loss process increases steadily. But there are some side effects to it as well like, you will look good, your skin will glow, your hair will get stronger, and you will feel energetic, you will not grow old at the designated time, people will respect you and the people who are jealous of you would feel more jealous. So basically, losing weight would change your life entirely.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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