Neem leaves Juice for weight loss and health benefits

Neem LeavesAs you must have heard since childhood, neem leaves are a great medicinal and herbal food source for curing a number of health problems. It is used to treat infections, skin problems and problems associated with kidneys and liver due to its anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. Another common use of neem leaves is to lose weight. Many people eat neem leaves or mix crushed neem leaves with honey to form a paste. But it will work effectively when it’s taken with a proper diet. We will discuss further the benefits of neem leaves in weight loss and how you should take it in detail.

How Neem Helps in Weight Loss

Neem leaves or neem flowers are taken as an important part of everyday diet due to the weight loss benefits it offers. Neem has certain properties which help in reducing bad cholesterol level, which does not build body fat. The potent properties of neem help in increasing metabolism and breaking down fat content from the body.

It also improves immunity. If combined with honey, neem can help in releasing harmful toxins from the body, which cleans the internal organs and helps them in working faster. Detoxifaction has been a great remedy in losing weight and cleaning of the internal organs. It boosts metabolism and thus burns fat.
Consuming a combination of neem leaves, honey and lemon daily can help in effective weight loss and faster fat burning process.

How to Prepare Neem Leaves Juice

Now you have been made aware about the weight loss benefits with neem leaves, but the main question that arises at this point is, how to use neem leaves for losing weight? Like Curry Leaves Tea, You can prepare neem leaves juice for every day consumption that will help you lose weight with a proper diet.

You will need: 1 kg neem leaves, 5 liters of water and grinder.

Method: Add 1 kg of neem leaves to 5 liters of water. You can follow the ratio if you want to prepare small fresh batches every day. Let the leaves soak overnight. Grind the mixture in the morning and strain it using a thin cloth. You can prepare a week’s batch before hand or prepare fresh juice every day.

Note: We are avoiding boiling the neem leaves with the water since it can lower some essential properties of neem.

Neem Leaves Juice

How to Take Neem Flower to Loss Belly Fat (With Honey And Lemon)

You can also consume neem flowers along with honey and lemon to cut down the excess belly fat. Honey and lemon are known to have essential fat burning properties which aid in losing weight. They increase the metabolic rate and help in detoxification of the body, which increases the fat burning process. Follow the method below to consume neem flowers with honey and lemon to lose weight.

You will need: few neem flowers, 1 teaspoon honey and half lemon juice

Method: Crush the neem flower leaves and mix 1 teaspoon honey and the juice of half lemon. Mix it properly and consume it ever day in the morning on an empty stomach.

Note: Do not consume anything within half an hour of consuming this mixture.

Neem Flowers

Many More Health Benefits of Neem Leaves

Apart from weight loss, the following are the numerous health benefits given by neem leaves.

  • Neem is widely used for treating skin problems. It cures pimples, reduces blackheads and treats acne effectively. It also makes your skin glow and removes dark pigmentation.
  • It helps in treating joint pain. Neem oil added to a warm bath is widely used to treat the same. It relaxes your bones, strengthens muscles and relieves you of joint pain.
  • Neem is effective in treating inflammation. It has anti inflammatory properties which treats serious problems such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Neem is also beneficial for treating hair problems. People suffering from dandruff have used neem to treat the same and have obtained positive results. Plus, it also helps in treating hair loss, lice and graying of hair.
  • People suffering from intestinal worms take neem leaves to treat it. It has anti- parasitic properties which help in curing intestinal worms and removing the toxins which they leave behind.
  • Use of neem can prevent gum diseases and promotes oral health. It also treats tooth ache and prevents bleeding of gums. Plus, it helps in preventing foul smell.
  • It is used to treat stomach ulcers and acidity by maintaining the pH level in your body.
  • It lowers down the blood sugar level and hence helps in controlling diabetes.
  • It purifies the blood and thus removes harmful toxins from the body, cleansing your internal organs and making them healthy.
  • Neem consumption improves digestion by making the intestines active and functioning healthily.
  • Neem leaves consumption improves eye sight as well.
  • Its antiseptic and anti fungal properties help in treating wounds, scars and boils.

Neem leaves are thus quite beneficial for weight loss and overall health. Every day consumption of neem leaves would only improve your health in a number of ways. So whom are you waiting for? Get those green leaves and get going. I know they would taste bitter initially but you would develop the taste over time. Plus, you are benefitting a lot with it. So why not compromise with the taste?

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

  • Tejal Raghani
    Posted at 23:33h, 27 July Reply

    You have lost 25kg by neem leaves…??? Only or any other way…??

    • SeeMe
      Posted at 18:42h, 04 August Reply

      No Tejal, Thats not possible, I always said, you cant lose weight with only just one food, drink or way. You need to follow a diet, workout routine and few lifestyle changes. Only then such fat burning drinks, foods work effectively.

      Please checkout my journey, you will find more about how i lost 25 kilo weight.

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