How to use Kalonji for Weight Loss? Seeds and oil uses

Kalonji for Weight LossNative to south and southwest Asia, Kalonji seeds are widely used as a natural weight loss remedy in many parts of the world. Kalonji is basically the flowering part is Nigella Sativa, and is popular black cumin seeds worldwide and used for the cooking purposes. It is a natural fat burner that can be combined with your diet to make you shed weight faster. These black seeds are fully loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to offer a wide range of health benefits.

What Makes Kalonji Seeds Best for Weight Loss?

Black seeds are widely commended for its weight loss friendliness. According to a study published in Indonesian Journal of Internal Medicine, the regular consumption of Kalonji seeds show a huge impact on belly fat. In this study, subjects were given Kalonji seeds regularly and they found amazing results.

Subjects were able to reduce some belly fat in just 7 days and there was a remarkable drop in their overall body weight, waist-size and the blood pressure. Amidst all this, no side effect was recorded.

There are many other ways kalonji helps.

Dietary Fiber

Black cumin seeds contain a very high amount of dietary fiber which is necessary to keep your digestive system healthy. These dietary fibers are also responsible for boosting your metabolism, keeping the sugar levels under control, and maintaining cholesterol.

Rich in Antioxidants

Kalonji seeds contain a carbonyl polymer named crystalline nigellone that acts as an antioxidant and helps body to prevent the fat accumulation near belly, thighs, and hips.

Appetite Control

Kalonji seeds are also considered as appetite suppressants because of the anorexic properties of their ether extracts. Therefore, they curb your hunger and thus help in reducing weight fast.

Remember Black Cumin(kalonji) are different then Cumin (jeera) but Cumin also help allot in Weight Loss.

How to use Kalonji Seeds for reducing weight?

Using Kalonji seeds for slimming down is quite easy. Let’s check out how you can consume or use Kalonji seeds in order to promote your weight loss treatment.

Kalonji Oil – Uses and Benefits

kalonji oilKalonji oil is widely known for treating the plethora of diseases and boosting the overall body health. Above all, it is popularly used for overcoming obesity and reducing belly fat. It contains over 250 vitamins and nutrients, omega-3 being one of them. It is used in majority of weight loss supplements to promote the fat burning especially near your belly area.

How to Use Kalonji Seed Oil?

We know that raw black seeds can be hard to swallow. Why not try black seed oil instead? So, here are some kalonji oil recipes that can help you lose considerable amount of weight in no time:

1.      Kalonji Oil and Honey

Honey is a wonderful fat burner and can be effectively clubbed with Kalonji oil to burn that stubborn belly fat you’ve been fighting for too long.

You need: 1 teaspoon of black seed oil and2 teaspoons of honey.

How to make: Mix the honey and black seed oil together. Consume this mixture as the first thing in the morning for the best results. You can use lemon to increase weight reduction properties of drink.

cinnamon and honey2. Kalonji Oil, Cinnamon, and Honey

Cinnamon, honey, and kalonji oil make an amazing weight loss recipe as Cinnamon is good at speeding up the metabolism and honey is the best replacement for sugar.

You need: 1 teaspoon of black seed oil, one cup lukewarm water, cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoons of honey.

How to make: Mix the honey and black seed oil together. Pour this mixture in a cup of water. Add the cinnamon powder and stir it well.

**Water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. And do not eat or drink anything for next 30 minutes.

3.      Kalonji Oil and Orange Juice

Oranges help in weight reduction with its richness in dietary fiber and its effectiveness in regulating bowel movements and capability to keep you full for a long time.

You need: 1 teaspoon of black seed oil and 1 cup orange juice.

How to make: Take a fresh orange and extract a cup of orange juice. Add black cumin oil in it and drink in the morning.

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Raw Kalonji Seeds Recipes for losing belly fat

Not just Kalonji oil, Kalonji seeds are equally effective in leaning down. You can easily reduce your belly fat by using the following Kalonji seeds recipes for reducing weight:

1.      Kalonji Seeds with Water

You need: 3-5 mg of Kalonji seeds and 1 glass of warm water

How to eat: Take 3-5 mg of Kalonji seeds and swallow it directly with one cup of warm water. The best time to consume raw black seeds is in the morning or just before you go to bed. You can eat 1 teaspoon of honey right after that, for better taste and increase weight loss effects.

2.      Kalonji Seeds and Lemon

We all know Lemon is one of the super weight loss fruits that help body to activate thermogenesis, which is a process of burning fat.

You need: 3-5 mg of Kalonji seeds and one fresh lemon

How to make: Squeeze fresh lemon juice on 3-5mg of black cumin seeds. The lemon juice must fully dip the seeds. Keep these seeds to dry in the sun. It might take 1-3 days to dry the mixture. Consume once dried.

**You can also dry larger quantity to kalonji seeds at once and then eat in appropriate quantity on regular basis.

3.      Roasted Vegetable with Kalonji seeds

Vegetables are low in fat and would always make a healthy breakfast, lunch, and even the dinner. Let’s see how you can use them with Kalonji seeds to lose fat.

You need: Healthy vegetables like cauli flower, capsicum, tomato, beans, and onions. Also take 3-5 gm of kalonji seeds, olive oil or kalonji oil for roasting.

How to make?

Follow these steps to make the roasted vegetables with Kalonji seeds:

  1. Take olive oil or kalonji oil in a pan and let it heat.
  2. Once the oil is hot, add 3-5 mg of Kalonji seeds in it.
  3. After roasting the Kalonji seeds, add all the vegetables.
  4. Roast the vegetables for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Sprinkle salt and black pepper.
  6. Your roasted vegetables are ready.

You can consume this recipe as a lunch or snacks. It will be low on calories and fill your appetite.

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How much amount of black cumin you should consume in a day?

You must be very careful about the quantity of Kalonji seeds before you incorporate them in your diet. Doctors and nutritionists usually advise that the right amount Kalonji intake for a day is 3 to 5 mg. You should not eat more than this quantity. If you are consuming Kalonji in the form of oil extract then quantity must not exceed 1-3 tablespoons. Eating Kalonji in access can intensify Pitta in your body and create imbalances in your body by leading to three doshas. So it’s better take advice from your doctor.

Kalonji precaution and side effects

Before adding Kalonji to your diet plan, you must consider these precautions and side effects:

  1. Do not eat more than recommended quantity to prevent pitta intensification.
  2. Excess consumption of Kalonji seeds produces too much heat in the body which can create complications for pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women and those who are trying to conceive must avoid the use of Kalonji.
  3. People with low blood pressure must not eat Kalonji as it can cause hypotension.

Note: Do consult your doctor before eating Kalonji as it can also cause allergic reaction if it’s not suitable with your body type.

Apart from weight loss, Kalonji seeds can help you treat asthma attacks, constipation, burns, bleeding nose, dandruff and other numerous health benefits. Thus, adding these seeds to your daily healthy diet creates an overall win-win situation for your body.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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