How to Create a Slim Look for Overweight Women – Dresses and Tips

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Now we will talk about How to Look Slim and Attractive.

Quite often, overweight women run away from style and fashion in the fear of looking ugly and fat shaming judgment. First of all let me tell you, you need to be comfortable in your own skin and you are beautiful just the way you are.

Secondly, I will be sharing some fashion and style tips with you which would enhance your look and curves. Not only will they make you look slim instantly, but they would also boost some extra confidence within you. Excited much? Let me begin.

How to Choose the Right Outfits

Every overweight woman has a different body shape and it is important to determine yours to determine what would look good on you.

Dress According to Your Body Shape

You should be aware about your body shape; whether it is an apple shaped or pear shaped. An apple shaped body is bulky on the top and slim from the bottom, and vice versa for the pear shaped. Don’t worry if you carry extra flab on the top and bottom as well, I got tips for you as well. Choose the right outfit which goes well with your diamond shaped body or if you have an hourglass figure.

Indian outfits always work!

Indian outfits look great on women and make them extra attractive. The most common type of an Indian outfit is kurtis and salwar kameez. Kurtis are basically long tunics which properly cover your body and make you look slim overall. It is a great solution for women with pear shaped bodies as the kurtis hide the lower body and create a slim silhouette.

Indian Dress

Ensure well fitted clothes

Choosing outfits which fit well with your body is the principle rule in looking gracious in your dress. They should neither be too tight or too loose. Tight outfits would show your body flabs and it would create an unappealing appearance. Clothes which are too loose would make you look fatter. So, it is important to choose the right fit according to your body size and shape.

Choose vertical stripes instead of horizontal

If stripes are your favorite patterns in outfits, make sure that you opt for vertical striped designs instead of horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer, whereas horizontal stripes make you look shorter and wider.

Black is your best friend

Black outfits make you look thinner as compared to lighter shaded outfits. The color black creates the illusion of a sleeker body, hides all your flabs to a great extent and let’s face it, black is enduring! You can also try other darker shades such as burgundy, navy blue and dark brown, which hide the flabs as well.


Here’s the chance to binge buying loads of accessories. But make sure that you invest in accessories which make you look slimmer and attractive. For instance, long stoles, a beaded belt and a mall bag, make you look slimmer altogether and add to your look.

Pencil skirts

A pencil skirt is, in all means, classy and chic. Whether it’s an evening out or a formal event, a pencil skirt always works. Plus, it also covers the bulky lower body, making you appear slim. You can try out any color in a pencil skirt, which goes well with any top.

Choose the appropriate material

The material you choose also plays an important part in your overall look. Materials such as lycra help in covering the fat skin around the belly, making you look thin instantly.

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Things to Avoid

While you have taken care of the do’s in dressing to cover the flabs, make sure that you do not opt for the following, as they can make you look fatter than you are.

Short necklaces
While you favor accessorizing on almost every outfit, make sure that you do not opt for a short necklace, especially when the neckline is broad and deep. It will make your bosom appear larger, and you will end up looking bulky.

The fit of the undergarment is necessary as well. Do not compromise on the fit of your undergarments as they could manipulate the size of your bust. Having the right fit can make your body silhouette look proportionate.

Big patterns
Do not opt for big prints and patterns in your outfits because they make your body appear wider and bulkier. Always look out for small prints and preferably, vertical stripes.

Loose fitting bottoms
Loose fitting bottoms such as calf length skirts, tourist shorts or capris can add to a stout look, even if you are tall. This will make you look bulkier and shorter.

Slimming options and tips

While the long term slimming tips have been discussed previously, let me share some tips which can make you look slim instantly other than working on your outfits.


Opting for a quality shapewear or a corset can instantly take off inches from your waistline, making you appear slimmer. There are different types of shapewear, concentrating on your waist and thighs at the same time. Choose one according to your body shape. While they can become uncomfortable if worn for a long time, they are surely a good investment for short parties or evening gatherings.



Heels are a miracle accessory which instantly improves your posture and makes you look slimmer. Wearing heels can take off inches from your butt and thighs, making you look tall and thin. While heels are not a good commodity for regular use, they are surely a good way of improving your body shape during events.

Avoid salt

When you know that you have an important event or party to attend within a few days, try to avoid eating salty food. Salt can make your body to retain water, causing bloating and making you look chubby. Try to avoid salt for a long term as well, as it can help you to lose weight in the long run.

Exercise and diet

Now, the most important tip of all. If you want to look slim naturally, we all know that the best way is to exercise and diet properly in order to lose weight. I know it is quite difficult but why not give it a shot?

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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