How many calories should i eat per day to Lose Weight?

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Calories Intake Daily for Weight Loss
One of the main reasons to gain weight is to consume more calories through eating than burning them. Due to this, the remaining calories increase our body fat content which results in weight gain.

So a simple way to lose weight is to consume fewer amounts of calories and burn more of them.

Let us first understand what calories are. The energy in our body is measured in calories (Kilojoules).

The amount of calories to be consumed in order to lose weight depends upon our body weight, height, age, sex, lifestyle and daily level of activities we go through.

A normal male requires 2500 calories per day and a normal female requires 2000 calories per day to remain healthy.

But to lose weight, a normal male or female should consume only 1200 to 1600 calories. This will result our body to consume the remaining energy from our body fat (Fat Burning).

As 3500 Calories is equal to 1/2kg(1 pound) of Fat. So Usually, eliminating 500 calories from your daily diet will result in a loss of ½ kg per week and eliminating 1000 calories will result in a loss of 1 kg per week.

Let us calculate the amount of calories do you need daily to lose weight.

Keep in mind the following points before calculating

Consider the fact, according to Center for Disease Control and prevention, it is advisable to lose just 1 kg per week to maintain a good health. There are some disadvantages in losing more weight than 1 kg per week and hence should not be done.

Therefore, keep a target to lose only 1 kg in 7 days (2.20 LB) and not more than that. Also Remember, many researches claim that losing weight in this manner will be maintained on in the future for a long time.

As I explained earlier, do not lower down the calorie intake amount more than 1200. Going down further than this limit will result in deterioration of your health.

You can convert kilograms to pounds here,

You can also calculate it yourself. The measurement is 1 kilo = 2.20 LB (pound)


Calorie intake for Weight loss Calculator



How to understand the calorie and nutrition content in Indian food?

Now you have understood the amount of calories you need to consume in order to lose weight. You now have to know which food you should consume for the right amount of calories. For that you will have to know which types of nutrients you would require in appropriate amounts to stay fit and lose weight in a healthy manner.

You will have to consume 50% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 30% fat in your daily food consumption. You can read the complete information regarding this here.

Remember, the food which we eat to consume carbohydrates, protein and fat, also contains other essential nutrients other than these three macro nutrients which our body requires; such as fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc.

Indian Food calories

Now you would want to know that which Indian food contains what amount of respective calories and essential nutrients. You can see those lists here.


These are some android apps you can check.

Hindi android app –

HealthifyMe – Indian Android app | Iphone app – (20,000 + Indian Dishes)

Indian Food Calorie Counter – Another Indian Android app



Best free Calories Counter and Tracker Tools / Apps

Now you are aware about everything; the food to eat and its respective amount. But to manage it will become a headache because there are many tiny things to take care of and you have to consider every tiny thing (calorie) carefully; so that the calorie consumption does not increase and our body gets all the important nutrients it requires. There are some simple ways to manage this.

If you own a smartphone, then you can install weight loss tracker, which are also called calorie counter apps. These are some android apps which you can use.

MyFitnessPal – Android app |Iphone App

Loss it – Android app | Iphone App

Indian App – (HealthifyMe) – Indian Android app | Iphone app


MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter App


Yes it is a bit difficult to operate these food journals initially but you can learn them through videos on YouTube. Just search on, such as “myfitnessapp instructional video” and you will receive many videos regarding the subject.

You can also use this online calorie tracker website,

If you are looking for easier ways like calorie counter chart, you can use an Excel file and note the food items, the amount, its nutrient content, consumption time according to you and link them up in the end. You can download some similar Excel sheets here,


Calorie counting and Management Tips

  • Prepare a time schedule to eat – if you do not prepare a schedule, you will tend to leave something in every 2-3 days which will affect your target at the end.
  • Form a plan of what to eat for the whole week – through which you can get everything in the beginning and which will not affect your calorie intake count.
  • Break your calorie consumption in three parts; Like you follow daily 1400 calorie plan, then break 1200 calories in 3 ways like in  breakfast, lunch and dinner, keeping 150-200 calories separate which can be used during snack time.
  • According to a recent research, you should consume a heavy breakfast (maximum calories), a normal lunch (normal amount of calories) and a very light dinner (least calories) to lose weight.
  • Count nutritions too – You should not only count the calories in your food, but also make a list of the essential nutrients it contains, through which you will be able to consume carbohydrates/ protein/ fat/ fiber/ minerals etc. in appropriate amounts. This will help you have a balanced diet and lose weight in a healthy manner.
  • Measuring and Estimating Portion Size – You should usually measure the size of the food you are eating because an apple can be either be small or large in size and shape and both of them will differ in the amount of calories they contain. If each and every food item differs in size, then you might end up consuming more number of calories which will not allow you to get slim. There are a few machines to measure items in the kitchen which can be seen here.
  • Be regular – This is really important. Keep track of whatever you eat otherwise all the hard work put in will go in vain. You will be troubled for a few days but fix a particular time for this, keep a diary or a notebook, and as soon as you eat something, record it in the book immediately so that you do not have to remember it till the end of the day.
  • Never starve yourself; because once you get hungry, you will end up eating more amount of food.

You will definitely find it tough after reading this, and it surely is. But once you start and adapt to it, you will find its becoming easy. And what is more wonderful than losing weight and getting slim?! This hard work will really pay off, isn’t it? So let us begin…
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NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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