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In this video, we are going to talk about those exercises which are effective for weight loss and how they are different from the others.

Hello friends, I am Seema and I have lost 28 kgs of weight in a 100% natural and healthy way. I am sharing my weight loss experience with you guys through these videos.

We all know that diet is the most important aspect for weight loss, followed by physical activity. Now physical activity not only means exercise, but any activity such as climbing stairs, playing any sport, walking, dancing, etc. All these activities burn calories, some burn more and some burn less.

If we talk only about exercising then almost all kinds of exercises burns calories and increases metabolism.

But for weight loss, cardio, running and strength training (exercising using weights) are the most effective. I have used all three forms alternatively and they were all effective.

Now if we talk about cardio then in-house cardio is a bit boring and you need to go to the gym for weight training. Nowadays we need to spend money on personal trainers as well. But for running, you just need a pair of shoes and there is ample amount of space as soon as you leave your house.

According to me, running is the best exercise for weight loss and to improve your health.

A number of people have lost weight with running. To motivate you further, I have added a link in the description box below which shows the before and after photos of people who have lost weight with the time period. Do watch it.

But do you know the reason of what makes running so special compared to other exercises?

1. Running makes you feel good from inside, you feel like doing it more, and slowly and steadily that interest develops into a healthy addiction. Now you tell me, what is a better addiction than this?

2. You do not keep the aim of losing weight during running. You keep the aim of running for further distance and ultimately, weight loss is going to be its side effect.

3. Well, running is a form of cardio itself. But you burn calories through running as compared to any other in-house cardio or weight training. So running is better for burning calories as well.

And what’s new in running? We all have had our share of running throughout our childhood. We used to play games which involved only running. So need of any guidance or training.

Just wake up in the morning and get going.

I know it is not that simple as I am stating it. Many of us face different problems, of bad knees, heart issues, waking up in the morning or not getting enough time.

Some of these are manageable but some are not. This video is solely made for the purpose of opting running for weight loss if you can run. It will really be effective. And I have personally witnessed people losing weight through jogging or running.

Start with walking, then slowly incorporate jogging, next, increase your distance and speed. Push yourself until your body can stretch the limits. Aim for smaller distances and then increase them gradually. And as soon as you complete those aims, your confidence will grow. You will feel like a winner and it will encourage you to prepare for bigger goals.

That’s what we want. Do not aim for weight loss, but aim for sports instead. Make it a part of your lifestyle. You then do not have to think about weight loss and neither about weight management.

Now you must be thinking, do I need to diet along with this?

Yes you need to diet of course, but a strict diet is not required. Just eat healthy and do not overeat. Leave the rest to running.

So if you can, leave in the fresh and clean air in the morning. But if running is not an option for you then focus on in-house cardio itself, or perform yoga, especially surya namaskar. Or you can follow a proper diet. It will help you to lose weight as well.

I hope you have found the information meaningful. If you liked this information, do like this video.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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