Complete Diet Plan to Reduce Belly Fat with Indian Foods

Belly Fat DietReality hits hard when you no longer fit into your favorite pair of jeans, when your shirt refuses to button up and you end up wearing some ill-fitted attire. Belly fat has created a major concern across India, surprisingly, not restricted to age. From Indian teenagers to grown-ups, everyone is being subjected to it. If your question is how we can fight back, this post can be of great help.

A little modification in the lifestyle, eating habits and some exercise routine can bring big changes.  Yeah I lost 28 kilo weight this way, you can view my weight loss story.

Before dissecting the whole process and listing belly fat diet plan, let’s take a look at the cause and some of the important facts, as the solution mostly stays behind the reason:

4 Most common Causes of Belly Fat:

Most of the time men tend to deposit fat in the abdominal area due to testosterone deficiency whereas, women store fats on the thighs, buttocks and hips due to estrogen.

Other than the hormonal intrusion, there are some strong reasons for the stubborn belly fat some of which are addressed below:

1. Lifestyle – The main reason for gaining weight is our unhealthy eating habits and less-to- zero physical activity. In fact, a recent study claims that inactivity and sedentary lifestyle contributes to regain of extra kilos after losing weight.

2. Unhealthy foods – Consumption of unhealthy food which consists of sugar, junk food, beverages, alcohol, Trans fats (a type of unsaturated fats), low-protein diets, low-fiber diets and the list goes on.

3. Genetic–At times, the reason behind that unpleasant paunch is partly due to genetics. According to a research, our genes help in determining where and how our fat cells are stored in our body. This also includes genetic body shape, for instance, if you have an apple or pear-shaped body, you might have inherited it from your parents.

4. Stress– The stress hormone – ‘cortisol hormone’ stimulates belly fat. This Stress homrone increase craving, appetite and decrease muscle mass. Ultimately a thin human can get more abdominal fat with chronic stress.

Belly fat is undoubtedly an inconvenience, but what we don’t realize is the fact that there is more than one type of belly fat, the ill-effects of which are more than the inconvenience.


What Type of belly fat do you own?

The 2 more common ones are: Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat-Comparatively, a less harmful fat, it is some kind of protective layer located under the epidermis or skin. The fat cells are active and contribute to the development of serious health conditions. What makes it detrimental is the activity level of fat cells.

Visceral fat- aka intra-abdominal fat, is found in between our organs and midsection. It is hard to determine visceral fats as compared to the former one. Even a well-shaped body could also be hauling around such fats. Visceral fat is more dangerous as it is one of the reasons behind many diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure even cancer.

But, if you have big tummy there is a high possibility of you suffering from both subcutaneous and visceral fat.

There are some promising solutions to weed off the excess fats and ward off health problems. But how?

Starting from the first thing you do in the morning to your bedtime, the following tips will help you take those few inches off your waist.


Right Way To Reduce Belly Fat

If you are a foodie, all those junk food must have taken a toll on your health by now. As they say,

‘The belly is ungrateful, it always forgets we already gave it something.’

The science behind reducing belly fat is almost same as reducing fat from any other area or all over the body. You need to follow calorie deficit diet which means taking low-calorie nutritious food, so your body compensates those calories from burning stored fat. And since low-calorie diet means healthy and nutritious diet, so your body still gets all nutrients to stay active.

But here is a catch, there are foods which help a bit more to burn mainly visceral fat in belly areas like low-fat yogurt, lemon juice, almonds, legumes, coconut oil and many more. Also,

The Low Carbohydrate, high protein and high fiber diet works best for burning belly fat.

Remember, a wrong approach can make all the efforts foul. It doesn’t mean you have to go through endless crunches or starve to death, but a simple and diligent effort can do wonders.

Flat Belly Diet Plan 

To start with, here is a well-planned vegetarian diet plan to get you back in shape or precisely can shrink up to 3 inches from your waistline within few weeks:

Morning: 8 am -10 am

Start your breakfast with a low carbohydrate and high-protein diet: Tea/coffee (minimal milk)+ wheat dalia/ oatmeal (non-flavoured)

Alternative: Moong dal dosa , plain parantha with no oil, upma

Snack: unsalted roasted peanuts


Lunch:1 Pm – 2 Pm

Small portion of complex cabs + high protein: Salad+ 1 roti + 1 cup of veggies (spring onion, spinach etc) + eggplant or veg raita.

Note: Roti made of wheat flour, oats flax and sesame seeds is super healthy and fibrous.

Alternative: Brown rice with protein source/ Moong dal dosa

After 30 minutes: 1 cup of green tea

Evening: 4pm

1 cup of sprouts + 1 fruit or chickpeas + peanuts/ upma/oats/ boiled chana chat

Dinner: 8 pm – 9pm

1 cup moong dal + 1 cup salad + brown rice/ roti + high-protein source like soya chunks/ paneer

Lastly, lot of water to keep you hydrated all day.

Maximize the results by supplementing the diet plan with the tips below and you are good to go-

6 Food Tips to lose Belly Fat Quicker

1. Detox your body

Detoxification helps to lose the belly fat with the help of some key ingredients. There are many detox drinks which detoxify your bodies includes drinking lot of water, detox teas like green tea, consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, avoiding salt, including a lot of fiber etc. Also, known as detox diet, is one of the proven methods for getting the extra fats off your belly.

2. Add more protein

Add protein in your vegetarian diet. Consumption of high-protein foods is a proven strategy to lose belly fat. It can boost metabolism and reduce cravings. If you want to get rid of the extra kilos adding protein can be the most-effective option.

A recent study shows that increased amount of protein has significantly reduced belly fat over a period of 5 years. So it’s time you notch up your protein intake.

Sources: cottage cheese, nuts, Penut butter some whole grains, dairy products.

3. Lower the carbs

Carbs when cut down results in reduced appetite. On comparing low-carb with low-fat vegetarian diet, the former one primarily targets the fat in the belly and around organs like liver. That’s why Low carb High Fat Keto Diet become so popular in Indian too. Sticking to low-carbs is proved to show almost instant results.

4. Relax and Sleep more

Lying awake at night is one of the unhealthiest habits. This can have negative impacts when you start your day due to sleep deprivation. It can lower your immune and make you prone to depression.

Avoid this with a good amount of sleep. Fill your body with healthy diet and sleep for at least 7hrs- 8 hrs. A sound sleep keeps your body from tiredness and gives you an instant boost with minimal consumption of food.

5. Intermittent fasting

The urbane culture has somewhat created a distance from our rituals and habits which our ancestors have been following for years. Fasting is one of them.

So what is intermittent fasting?

Fasting for short period help to eat fewer amounts of calories, detox your body also optimize the hormones related to weight control. This is what intermittent fasting is about.

Some of the different kinds of intermittent fasting are: The 16/8 method means 16 hours of non eating from 8pm to12noon and eat in remaining 8 hours.

Another good way is 5:2 diet, which means eat 5 days normally and in remaining 2 days only intake 500-600 calories. Like our Indian moms do fast for 1-2 days a week.

6. Regular Exercise

Listing the benefits of exercise can take a while. One needs to understand the importance of de-stressing and relieving the muscle strain. A healthy routine not only helps in reducing belly fats, but also blood sugar levels and metabolic abnormalities. Even 30 minutes brisk walking or jogging should do the trick.


Top 10 Foods to Burn Belly fat

If you feel you are eating right but still don’t experience any evident change maybe it is time for you to make some alterations. Introduce these Indian vegetarian super foods which can complete your diet for some amazing results:

1. Almonds: Though high protein, high fiber almonds are not low in calories, eating them in right proportion in your vegetarian diet can help you to achieve that dreamy flat stomach. They aid in weight loss and help to reduce abdominal fats. So start munching almonds during snack time.

2. Legumes: Legumes such as navy beans, kidney beans etc. are some of the best sources of fiber and protein in vegetarian diet. It helps to lower the body inflammation, maintain insulin level, and ultimately tone down your abdominal fat. Also serve as an excellent source for a flat belly.

3. Coconut oil: The oil has been a reliable source to tame your stubborn belly fat as it contains unique combination of fatty acids, which boost your metabolism. The best part is, the coconut oil tends to burn right away hence you can use it as an instant energy source, giving you extra stamina.

4. Low fat Yogurt– According to a study, drastic weight-loss improvements were experienced by the set of people who had plain low-fat yogurt as compared to those who didn’t.

Packed with metabolism-revving and gut-healthy probiotics, yogurt gives enough reasons to shed away those extra kilos. You can also add a twist to your diet with the flaxseeds in the  flaxseed yogurt raita recipe for reducing belly fat.

5. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is one of the healthiest options suggested in almost every diet. This super food takes time to digest and is perfect to achieve a flat stomach. According to Science Daily, they contain soluble fiber and are known to reduce belly fat by 3.7% over 5 years.

Remember We are not talking about instant oats, check which Indian oats helps in weight loss.

6. Apple cider vinegar: Losing belly fat is all about burning calories and losing weight. Apple cider is perfect for this as the vinegar tends to make you feel full for a long time. The acetic acid in vinegar helps in weight-loss as it specially suppresses visceral fat accumulation.

7. Peppermint Leaves teas: Peppermint leaves or pudina has a huge impact on belly fat. They help to burn extra calories, suppress hunger and improve digestive health. There are many recipes such as cucumber lemon mint ginger water and more which can help you to meet your goal.

8. Guava leaves tea: Guavas are a natural appetite suppressant and are low in sugar. You can include this exotic fruit flavor in your vegetarian diet in the form of beverages such as guava leaves tea. They are filled with antioxidants and rich minerals which is why they are recommended for belly fat diets.

9. Garlic: Garlic a super weight loss food with anti-obesity properties. According to a research, garlic tends to inhibit the accumulation of fats and also helps in smooth blood circulation. It has also been viewed as the best appetite suppressor which is why this food is one of the reliable sources to maintain a flat tummy.

10. Chia seeds: The filler food is also known to give a high dose of nutrition. It contains nutrients that help to lower body weight and boost energy. With 1 ounce = 137 calories, it is perfect for those who aim to lose belly fat. There are many tasty ways to add chia seeds  in your diet.

With these all other healthy and nutritious foods which we add in our balanced diet chart, you can use them.


Foods to avoid

All those foods which increase fat on the overall body, first affects the belly area. High carb foods, Indian Mithaiya or sugary food and deep fried edibles need to be avoided for any given diet. One has to note that, even if you are not that heavy, chances are the excess fat is stored around your waistline.

So we need to decrease consumption of foods such as-

  1. Sugary intake: Foods loaded with sugar lead to increase in liver and belly fat causing metabolic problems. This also includes liquid sugar or sugar-based drinks. Excess sugar means a large amount of fructose which leads to increased accumulation of belly fat.
    Tip: Minimize the sugar intake and eliminate sugary drinks.
  2. Alcohol: These drinks have high-calorie content and almost no nutritional value. That increases more fat below waistline. So bid adieu to alcohol for the betterment of health.
  3. Fried foods: Acid reflux, stomach upset and heartburn are some of the side effects when you stuff yourself with fried food. So before you pick up junk from the nearby fast-food stalls, remember, fried food takes forever to digest due to their high-fat content which itself is a red flag.
  4. Limit high lactose dairy products: A rich source of carbs and bad fats, this calcium source is not a healthy option when it comes to reducing belly fat.
    Tip: Substitute leafy vegetables for calcium intake.
  5. Limit Potato intake: It is equivalent to sugar and which leaves you craving for more food. The best option is to stop overloading potatoes. Also, most potato chips are cooked in hydrogenated oils which are Trans fats. So straight no-no to tubers!

As said before, it is imperative to follow a workout routine which also contributes to reducing belly fat. Let’s look at three of the effective exercises you can start with:

3 Best Exercises to lose stomach fat

Strength training and full body workouts (Jogging, Cardio, Dance) works best for overall body fat as well as burning tummy fat. But there are many belly fat reducing exercises which can also build your abs muscles. Also, it’s a no-brainer that muscles always helps in fat burning.

Lower belly fat

Bicycle Crunch:

  • Lie on the floor and keep your hands behind your head as you do in regular crunches.
  • Lift legs off the ground and bend your knees
  • Bring the right knee close to your chest while moving your left leg away.
  • Now do the same with left leg keeping right leg away
  • Repeat it like you are bicycling in the air lying on the floor.

Do the exercise 3 times/week. Make sure to breathe in and out each rep and focus on tightening your core. If you feel any kind of pain, stop immediately and let your body relax.

Side belly fat

Plank with hip twist:

Start with regular plank position, lift the hip so that the body is in line, the shoulders are above elbows and body weight is on feet and forearms.

Remember, keep the tension in the core area and turn the hip to either side giving a little twist. Repeat it several times to the left and then to the right side. The turning has to be only in the hip area and not the arms.

Want to know more easy or advance exercises to reduce your belly fat, then check my list of  best 36 belly fat exercises here.

Belly, Hips and thighs Fat 

Squats: My personal favorite

Ready to tone your thighs and hips? Squats have got you covered. This exercise involves you to bend your knees pushing your hips behind as if you are about to sit making sure your knees are parallel to your toes.

Remember not to bend your upper body in the front direction. I started with 20 reps and increased the count gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions on Belly Fat

Q Belly fat is the most dangerous kind of fat on the human body. True or false?

Ans. Of course, it is. Excess weight around the midsection is more likely to be visceral fat. This fat surrounds the inner organs, unlike the subcutaneous fat which lies just under the skin.

This result is increased inflammation in the body leading to conditions like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and metabolic abnormalities.

Q. Is it really hard to flatten your belly?

Ans. I don’t want to lie here. Reducing belly fat takes much time then other parts of the body as it’s more about visceral fat then subcutaneous fat. But taking regular above diet and exercise assure you shed away those fats gradually. Patience and little efforts are the key!

Don’t believe that? I lost 28 kilo weight with similar diet and exercises, you can view my personal weight loss Indian diet.

Q. How Long Does It Take to Lose Belly Fat?

Ans. Big Question! Theoretically, if you follow a low-calorie diet and say reduce 500 calories per day from your diet, so in 1 week you will lose 1 pound, as 3500 calories = 1 pound. So in a month, you lose 4 pounds i.e. approx. 2 kgs.

But that doesn’t end here. It all depends on body to body, your metabolic rate, foods you eat, exercises you do, how active you are to name a few. As reducing belly fat is all about changing your lifestyle, start vouching for a healthy routine.

If you are in hurry, you can try Indian version of vegetarian GM diet for weight loss in a Week.

Q. I have extra fat on my whole body, just not at the belly, is this diet right for me?

Ans. Yes it will. But again, there are some factors such as BMR ratio to consider. If your BMR ration is more then 30, then I suggest you try lower calorie plan like 1200 calorie diet plan for overall body weight loss. that will work better…

Q. I have Thyroid issue, is this diet will also work for me?

Ans.  Hypothyroid is another reason for weight gain and specially for belly fat. I am also a thyroid patient and still I lost 28 kilo’s, so you can. Here you can find thyroid friendly diet for weight loss.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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