5 Best Tips for Successful Weight loss at Home in Hindi

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Aim – In this video we are going to talk about small points which will help a lot in your weight loss. My name is Seema and I have lost weight from home itself. I have not joined any gym, yoga class or any other weight loss class until now.

And I have lost 28 kgs of weight in a 100% natural and healthy way. I am sharing my weight loss experience with you guys through these videos.

Now let us talk about those points which according to me are extremely necessary for weight loss, and I followed and showed effect.

As we all know, weight loss depends on 70% diet, 20% exercise and 10% lifestyle changes.

So here the most important aspect is your diet. If you have maintained your diet then your weight loss is almost definite.

So all the tips are almost related to diet only.

The first and most effective tip is to increase your protein intake. Protein is quite important for weight loss. Protein keeps you energetic and gives you a feeling of satiety for long. According to a study, if you are taking a protein diet then your cravings are lowered up to 60%.

And we all know that more than half of the people cannot lose weight due to cravings, because they are unable to control. Protein will keep your stomach full and so you will not have cravings.

Also, protein increases your metabolism, which helps you to burn more calories, and we want exactly the same. Consume nutritious but low calorie foods and burn more to lose the fat.

In options for high protein foods, all types of lentils, beans, seeds such as chia seeds, flaxseeds, nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and milk products such as paneer and curd. Vegetarians also have a lot of protein food options.

I have mentioned the Top 35 Protein Rich Vegetarian Indian Foods, do check it out. I have given the link to it below.

The second weight loss tip is – Instead of sweet tea or coffee in the morning, start consuming detox drinks such as cinnamon tea or lemon water or curry leaves tea. It will give you 2 benefits.

First is, it will detox your body, meaning that it will flush out all the toxins accumulated in your body and prepare it for weight loss.

Second is, it will clean your stomach. Only then your diet will work and you will feel lighter and healthier. And with that, your weight loss process will begin from the morning itself.

The third tip is – Eat more vegetables. Vegetables are quite nutritious. Our body needs more than 50 nutrients, some more and some less. So if you want to lose weight in a healthy manner then you need to focus more on vegetables. Eat salads, soups and different kinds of vegetables.

Along with that, vegetables consist of fiber, which is extremely necessary for your digestive system. Eating high fiber foods helps in preventing constipation. So your meals should have the highest quantity of vegetables.

The fourth weight loss tip is – Exercise daily for 30 mins. As we talked earlier, weight loss depends 20% on exercise. The reason behind it is that exercise increases your metabolism. It is extremely important that your metabolism is boosted during your weight loss regime, because only then you will be able to burn more calories. And exercise helps a lot in that.

Along with this, exercising regularly makes your body look in shape sooner. You can start with a brisk walk or some cardio or play any game such as badminton or dancing. There are a lot of options; you just need to choose according to your interest which you will follow every day.

The fifth weight loss tip is – Drink green tea. Being a detox drink, green tea also has caffeine and catechin components which increase your metabolism. Green tea helps in converting your fat cells into energy. Also, if you drink a cup of green tea a while before exercising then you can burn more fat than usual.

And if you drink it a while before your main meals then it will reduce your hunger as well. So there a number of benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss.

If you start your weight loss journey with just these 5 tips then you will start seeing results. And if you are already on a diet then focus more on these 5 points, which will help your diet to function more efficiently.

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I hope you have found this information useful. If you did, do like this video.

NOTE - Friends, I am not dietitian or Doctor, I write information here on the basis of my own 25 kilo weight loss experience and sometimes from online research. Please take doctor advice before applying any tip, as each and every human body is different.

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